Stop the Selfies! Turn the Camera Around….

wpid-fb_img_1427844631278.jpgOn the way home from work & to Kings Closet, I heard a teacher call in to the radio station and say “I have been promoting random acts of kindness with my teenage students. I have told them to “Stop the Selfies! Turn the cameras around and look for someone hurting or in need & do something for them.” She has had an amazing response and it actually has helped the behavior in the classroom; Getting them focused on others instead of themselves. I loved that story – thankful for teachers trying to help the kids learn what really matters. And then I walked into Kings Closet. It’s been a long week at work and it’s only Wednesday. Admittedly, easy to think “I’d really rather just go home tonight…” But then I met Kaylee and Jayden…and their smiles lit up the room! The little ones come in and there’s nothing better than hugging on them and helping them look at clothes and tell them how beautiful or how handsome they will look in their choices, and watching their eyes shine. Those precious smiles melt the cares of the day away. On the way home I thanked God for this opportunity to volunteer and love on His little ones. I’m the one getting the gift – a swift reminder of how blessed I am, a little humility and a peace and joy in my heart that has never compared to any material gift I’ve ever received. No wonder these teenagers are excited who are stopping the selfies and turning their focus on others. I see post after post on FB feed of parents upset with their children for being selfish because they seem ungrateful as they continue to hand them expensive gift after expensive gift. May I suggest you take them somewhere to volunteer for a day.  Or better yet, help them perform a random act of kindness; and as soon as you’re done and they are smiling – tell them this: “Know that feeling you have right now?? THAT’s what it’s all about. THAT is what true love really is.” It can’t be bought, it can only be gained by giving.

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