Living the Legacy…

“The woman who bore me is no longer alive, but I seem to be her daughter in increasingly profound ways.” – Unknown

When I pray for safety and blessings over my children – I am my mother.wpid-img1431283143792.jpg

When a precious little one comes running for a “Miss Kris” hug – I am my mother.

When I teach and love on the kiddos in Sunday School – I am my mother.

When I pray earnestly for my family – I am my mother.

When I kick my shoes off and play baseball or kickball in the back yard – I am my mother.

When I say with sincere gratitude – “Thank You God for answering my prayers – for giving my son not only a wife but a future mother of my grandchildren…one that will teach them about You and pray for them in the middle of the night when they are sick.”  – I am my mother.

When I pray daily for the safety of a son who lives far away – I am my mother.

When I hug a stranger and speak words of hope into their lives – I am my mother.

When my circumstances say I should be going crazy with worry or fear and yet I have peace because I found the same anchor in the storm my mother had – I am my mother.

When I love on young women that God has put in my path and I tell them they are beautiful and worthy – I am my mother.

Knowing it’s better to give than to receive and you get blessed when you are a blessing – those are lessons I learned from my mother.

My mother has been gone for 13 years.  I miss her hugs and I miss her telling me I’m a good mom and beautiful, she was my biggest fan.  When God took her home, she didn’t leave me thousands of dollars or material possessions.  She left me something so much better… she left a legacy of love.  By her example I have gained treasures that money cannot buy and rust cannot destroy.  My life is full and happy and blessed because of her example.  The most I can hope and strive for is to leave this same legacy for my children.   What are you going to be leaving yours?……..


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