Together We CAN Make A Difference!

wpid-img1431402551074.jpg“Together We Can Make A Difference.”  Those were the words I used for my very first charity event after the loss of my mother.  I heard of a dying woman whose last wish was to go to Hawaii and if I had been able to fund the trip myself, I would’ve written the check.  But if I had, I would’ve missed the most amazing experience.  God laid it on my heart that while I could not pay for the trip myself, if I could get 250 people to give $10 each – we could send her.  Alone my $10 wouldn’t do much, but together we could make a difference.  And we did!  Bands donated time, companies donated prizes, friends volunteered and attended the event and together, we were able to give a dying woman her last wish… a trip to Hawaii with her husband.  That experience taught me that I can’t do it alone, and I dont’ have to.  Very few people have hundreds or even thousands to give, but many can usually spare $10 for a common cause.

I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with the most amazing young lady named Morgan.  While attending high school and also taking college courses, she has organized an outreach for the homeless at our church.  One Tuesday night every month Morgan takes a group and they go “Hangin’ with the Homeless”.  Taking clothes, hygiene items and food they go love on the hurting and become the hands and feet of Jesus.  Morgan has taken missions trips to other countries but has also recognized the need right here in her own back door.wpid-fb_img_1431448081806.jpg Morgan’s team is in need of hygiene items and granola bars to get them through the summer visits.  God has laid it on my heart to help this beautiful young woman – so I’m putting a challenge out there… My goal is to have 300 people sign up and say ” I will help make a difference”!   I will give a donation of a gallon zip-loc bag with hygiene items and a gallon zip-loc bag with granola bars.  If 300 people will do this challenge – that’s 600 bags taken to the homeless over the summer months!!  If you don’t coupon, it will cost you around $10 or $15.  If you do coupon, you can do it for much less. It’s a great way to start planting seeds of kindness in your children!  Take them to the Dollar Store with you and let them help pick out the items.  (Travel or smaller size works best.)  Come home and make the bags and let your child color a picture and write “Jesus Loves You” on it.  Not only will you be setting a good example of how to love on those less fortunate, but you will be making a good memory with your child.  Never will you spend $15 that will reap more life long rewards. If you don’t have children, I promise you, once you go get the items and make the bags if you are feeling blue at all – it will chase those blues away!  The best way to be blessed is to be a blessing!!  Make up a bag, write a note and send it in! I will be running this challenge starting today, May 12th – through May 31st.  My mom’s birthday was in May, Mothers Day is in May and Memorial Day is in May – I can’t think of a better way to honor her! If you would like to take the challenge – please make your donation in one of the following ways:

  • There is a donation bin for the homeless outreach located in the Youth area at Solid Rock Church South Campus.
  • If you work with me – I am accepting donations at work – I will have a box at my desk.
  • If you are collecting at your work, church or group – you can drop the box off on Wednesday nights at Solid Rock South between 6 and 8 pm.  Or send to address below.
  • If you live out of town – you may send your items to the following address:

Solid Rock Church South, Attn:  Homeless Outreach,  3946 Hopper Hill Rd., Cincinnati, OH  45255

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