Running (and Dancing) in the Rain..

wpid-fb_img_1434895169012.jpg“Lord let the rain stop just during the run.” That’s what I said as I mumbled “Who gets up at 5:30am to run anyway?!?  Ridiculous!”  “If I hadn’t offered to drive & told my friend Judy who came up from Louisville that I’d be there – I’d so be going back to bed!!..”   It was the morning of Run, White & Blue.  A 5K with proceeds going to help with housing for veterans.

The rain never let up.  In fact, it was hard to see on the drive to Monroe, OH and my car started to hydroplane a couple of times with all the water lying on the highway.  It continued to pour – but Thank God for unanswered prayers!! Ponchos & trash bags were handed out in an attempt to keep the attendees somewhat dry.  While trying to turn my white Hefty bag into a poncho, I was admittedly laughing about it on the outside, but still mumbling on the inside.  My friend Judy put it all into perspective for me when she said “What a good reminder! We are running for the troops and they never have a choice for their day depending on the weather. They serve in some pretty rough conditions.” My attitude quickly changed to gratitude with that reminder! And then as the shot fired to start the race, the fun began… I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it was to run (walk & maybe take a shortcut or two) in the rain! Jump in puddles & splash one another! Dance, laugh and become a wet colorful mess. And then jumping in the pond with a few friends … My soul felt like it was 8 instead of 48!  The absolute BEST morning in a long time!!!   Thank you God for the rain!!    Note to self: next year – waterproof mascara! You look like Alice Coopers granddaughter!!


With tired, sore muscles and a cup of coffee I sat on my back porch that overlooks the lake.  The rain had stopped an hour or so before.  The sun was shining brightly as it started to disappear over the horizon casting such a warm, peaceful glow on the lake and announcing the end of another day. What a beautiful summer night for a day that started so dark and gloomy.  I reflected on how that kind of summarized life…


At the end of the run today I heard of how a young man who was in his early 30’s had already underwent 3 hip surgeries.  The doctors told him if he was able to walk again, it wouldn’t be well and it would be with a cane.  But that young man went to the Great Physician, Jehovah Rapha, the one who heals and got a different answer.  He was there with no cane, his shoes laced and walked in the rain with the rest of us.  He finished that 5K with every intention of being able to run it next year!  Sometimes our healing is instantaneous, sometimes it’s a journey.  What I’ve found to be true in my life is that it’s usually in the journey that we become closer to God.  Just like the day of the race had started, sometimes we wake to find ourselves smack dab in the midst of a storm with the wind blowing & rain beating us down.  The battle is won when we face the storm head on as we continue to run the race with a fierce desire to finish.  We run boldly laughing, singing and giving no place to fear, anxiety and doubt.  But instead, giving God praise for a battle already won!  THAT’s when we find ourselves learning lessons in those storms and being blessed.  It’s when we become closer to God than we were before.  We emerge from those storms feeling refreshed, and appreciating even more the beauty of the sun shining once again.

May all of you reading this be blessed and remember to dance in the rain!!


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