“Living Free” – A Dream Becomes a Reality

 wpid-img1440630027897.jpgI have birthed the idea of writing a book in my heart for almost 30 years.  Every time I would start I would find myself tripped up on things like “Who is my target audience?  Fact or fiction?  How do I even start?..”  Those would be sudden bursts that would last a few days, maybe a week, as I would start to write. Those bursts would soon fizzle out with the busy life of a mom with two very active young boys.

 In late 2013 when my boys were grown and I was on my own, the nudging to write once again started to consume me. While getting tripped up on the same things as before, I heard that still small voice say “Just write while you seek”.    To hold myself accountable, I posted the picture you will find on the back cover on my Facebook page and declared my vision:  “This will be on the back cover of my book.”  Of course everyone wanted to know “What Book?”  and at that time, I honestly didn’t know.  I only knew one day there would be one, and that day has arrived!  Looking back I realized that it was never the right time before.  30 years ago I did not have the knowledge, wisdom and life experiences I have today.  I had not been through the test, to give me the testimony.  I had not yet met my amazing collaborators whose stories needed to be told.

 One of my favorite verses in the bible is “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33. When we get ourselves out of the way and stop trying to figure it all out, and instead get earnest in prayer surrendering it all to His will, it is added unto us.  The right job, the right friends, the right opportunities.  People often ask “I just wish I knew what His will was for me.  How did you know?”  I knew God placed a desire in my heart to write a book that would help others.  But that’s all I knew.  I prayed daily “Put people in my path I can help and those who can help or teach me something.”  When I changed my focus and found freedom in surrender, things started to happen.  People were put in my path at just the right time.  That still small voice saying “Reach out in faith”, and my being obedient.   God has a purpose for each one of us, and when we seek Him above all else, that’s when we find our purpose.

 As I thought about writing this book I decided instead of trying to determine who my target audience would be, I would focus on the end result I wanted to achieve. The end goal? If the time and effort put into this book inspires or encourages just one person, God can use that one person to start a ripple that can change a lot of lives. I was blessed with collaborators who shared this same vision.  If this book can offer hope to just one person, that one person could be the one to make a change in their corner of the world.  If just one person reads a story and breaks the chains that bind them and finds the peace that a relationship with Jesus has given us; that peace that surpasses all understanding, even in the midst of mighty storms, then every moment spent writing was worth it and we will consider this a total success.

Our goal is for “Living Free” to sell 10,000 copies by December 31st.   That goal was not set to glorify the book or the author; it’s not about the sales, it’s about the message.  We’re going after the one.  Just like the shepherd will leave his flock to go after the one who’s lost and hurting, that’s what our mission is as well.   Purchasing a book helps start a ripple effect.  A book sold gets the message of hope in the hands of those who purchase and read it, but it will also provide for a far-reaching effect on others.  Donations from the sales will be given back to local charities and missions that are truly transforming lives.  Profits will also be used to buy more books to donate to recovery centers, shelters for abused and neglected women and children, prison ministries, etc.  The true goal behind the number is to start a ripple that turns into a wave that brings the message of peace, hope and love crashing into a shore of people who are hurting and looking for an answer.  It’s not about the author or the book, it’s about the message.  Jesus saves, heals, forgives and sets free.  No matter what you are facing, there is hope.

If you would like to help us reach this goal, order your book on-line today at the link below and then share this with all your friends!   May God bless you on your journey.


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