The Crispy Fries & God’s Perfect Timing!

Crispy friesI can’t make stuff THIS good up!  I’m leaving for Canada early in the am.  Needed to be packing & preparing hours ago – but I kept putting it off for some reason?  I remember sitting here at 7pm thinking “Kris, what are you doing?!?  Go get what you still need from the store and get this done!”   I was starving, I wanted a salad, I was craving a salad…. Had every intention of eating BEFORE the mall, but for some reason I changed my mind.  Mall first.  Planned to go to Kohl’s, I’ll go park over there.  Nope, ended up on other side of mall in front of Food court.  What?!  I needed food!  My sugar must be low, I wasn’t even thinking straight & doing the total opposite of my plans.  Sitting in the car that still, small voice said “Put one of the books in your purse.”  I grabbed a book and said “OK God, you know the deal.  You gotta bring me the one…”  but today it was almost half-hearted as I was hungry and focused on what I THOUGHT was my task at hand.  Walked in through the food court area and it hit me like a ton of bricks – a feeling of sadness.  It stopped me in my tracks.  I realize I’m just standing there, looking around.  Found myself in front of a food counter and salad was not even an option on their menu.  I’m ordering something totally different…  I talked to the young man who waited on me and because I like my fries “extra crispy” it started a conversation with the woman making them.  She seemed happy & was very pleasant.  Wondered who was going to be “the one” as I started to walk away.  Then I heard “She is”…  I turned around and looked at her and here’s how this went down:

Me: “Do you read?”

Lady still at stove:  “What? Well…some.  Depends on what it is.  Why?”

(as she walked from behind the stove & towards me)

Me:  “Well, I wrote this book and I…”

Lady: “What?  Wait – YOU wrote a book?”

Me:  “Yeah, It’s available on Amazon but I often carry a copy with me for…” (before I could finish)

Lady: “This book is about God isn’t it?!?!”

Me:  “Umm…..yes…..”

Lady:  (Tears start to run down her cheeks)… “Oh wow!  Oh wow!  I can’t believe this…. I’ve been asking God for a sign…I’m struggling with things….”

Me:  “Well He cares enough about you that I’m eating fries instead of a salad and he brought me here JUST for you today.  I should’ve been here hours ago!”

(At this point tears are really starting to flow as she’s realizing God had chased her down to let her know He still loves her).

Lady:  “Opens the book and reads the title of Chapter 1 out loud “I’m Not Normal”…. Then cries harder as she says “I say that about myself all the time!!”

Me:  “Well I hope you are blessed by this book, but I’d love to see you again.  I’d like to invite you to my church.  Solid Rock South in Ameila on Hopper Hill Rd.?”

Lady:  “What!?!  Wait! I have a friend who goes there!”

Me:  “Who?”

Lady: “Vanessa Emery – she can tell you – I’m struggling and I need help! I need God, I know I do.”

Me:  “Vanessa is a friend of mine!  She’s been praying for these books to reach people who need them and I’m sure if you are struggling she’s likely been praying for you as well!”

Lady:  “THIS is too much! This is blowing my mind..  Oh wow…..”

(Me?  Once again I’m humbled and in awe and I’m thinking Oh God you’re sooo good!!)

I share this story for 2 reasons:  People often say “Why is your faith so strong?!?” THIS Is why.  You can argue religion and philosophy, but you can’t argue when you experience God move! It’s NOTHING to do with me – there’s only one thing I am and that’s obedient!  God is not a respecter of persons.  I just say “Put someone in my path today I can help” and then move forward with my day with an expectancy He will do just that!  If you want to watch Him move – I challenge you – ask every day for Him to put someone in your path you can help or someone who can teach you something and watch what happens!   You’ll be posting about your own “God moments” (and if we’re friends on FB be sure to tag me in them! I want to read them!!)  and the 2nd reason – if you are the lady behind the counter – keep asking and seeking; because again, He’s not a respecter of persons.  He loves you too!  There IS hope for whatever you are going through!

On my hour drive back home this morning I listened to a CD I bought last night of Andrew Murray’s.  “God’s Timing”…. On the way home from the mall I thought what a good word that was and “Oh how I love to watch things unfold in His perfect timing!”  Encourages my soul for those things I’m still waiting on… But as Andrew reminds us, that doesn’t mean “sit and wait” that means “be content while you wait.”

I got this good nugget of truth last night at Heritage from Andrew as well.  “Someone else’s miracle is always on the other side of our obedience.”

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