That Tiny Tree….

tiny tree

For those out there hurting & a little lost this Christmas, read on… I felt an urging to share this: After an amazing church service tonight where LB II encouraged us “Make every day a mission trip” I got in my car, turned on my phone, on FB I saw this memory pop up. This is a picture of a tree that’s only about 18 inches tall. 3 yrs ago that was my Christmas tree.  The only one I had room for.  I was in a tiny new apt. Relationship just ended.  Last kid moved out.  New job. New town an hour away from my family & friends.  Even though I knew deep down the decision to go had been the right one, that didn’t make this part any easier. I was single, alone, slightly depressed & anxious about not only my current situation, but what the future would hold.   At times I thought “Is this it? Is my life is over at 46 years old?!?” If I had only known that it in fact was just the beginning of an Amazing new chapter!

God could’ve sent Judy to speak to me sooner than he did, but he let me stay in that dark wilderness for a time.  I learned lessons there.  I became fond of the solitude instead of fearing it, for it’s there I started to find not only myself again, but him.  I started to see me how he sees me.  Forgiven.  I became stronger & wiser in that darkness.  And then, in his perfect timing, he brought me out into the light.  This weekend I will put up a 7 foot tall tree!  I am still single, but I am not alone.  I will celebrate this Christmas with joy, peace & love running over in my soul.  How’d that happen?  Got advice from a book called Matthew.   “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Seek Jesus first and everything else is added:  The right job. The right friends. The right opportunities.  If you are seeking him, you are reading the word to see what he says; praying to hear him speak and see him move.  You build a relationship, not a religion. As you follow his word you learn life & death is in the power of the tongue, so you start to speak life into every situation. You find the strength to get rid of toxic relationships.  We spend all kinds of money on the latest self-help book, but won’t open our bibles.  Check out Proverbs and you’ll be amazed at the Wisdom of Solomon!  3 years ago I sat crying.  Lonely. Miserable. Hurting.  Someone made me their mission field one day.  Today, I owe it to those hurting to make them mine!  If you are hurting this Christmas and wondering “Is this it?”  Hold on!  Be encouraged!  I’ve been there.  God CAN and WILL turn it around!

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  1. Amen. The Christmas season is especially hard for me. Its been 5 years of loneliness and hurt for me but I am not alone and Jesus sees me throught. I don’t have a tree to put up but my soul cries Abba Father.

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