The Snooze Button..

Snooze      As I laid down last night I prayed “God, please take this from me. One more time. I know you can take the feelings of hurt over this situation away, you’ve done it before.  I want to wake up and be totally free of this. Joy, peace and no sorrow.”  I got a subtle reminder dropped in my heart, “Yes, I have taken it before, but YOU keep picking it back up!” (Can’t deny I often cause my own bruises. But I’m sure I’m not alone there.  This walk is often a battle, it’s why we call it the “good fight”).  I fell asleep and slept peaceful and sound. And then I heard the alarm going off…. I turned over and hit the “snooze” and felt the sorrow still there.  Ugh.  Closed my eyes and it wasn’t but a couple of minutes til the next alarm went off.  I reached for the snooze again, and as soon as I did God downloaded this word instantly: That sorrow is still there because you’re hitting the snooze button on this situation. Your freedom from this is like the dawning of a new day that you need to wake up and step into. But instead, you keep hitting the snooze button holding onto that last little bit of the night.  YOU  haven’t let completely go.  Quit hitting snooze and give it ALL to me, and the sorrow will go.  You have been afraid to wake up fully to a new day.  Quick self-examination – he was right.  And for that “extra confirmation” I then had a text pop up from a dear friend who said “Remember, The blessing is in the breaking.” I took the “snooze” off my situation today.  I reminded myself that “Joy comes as a by-product of confidence in God, not certainty, in ones circumstances.”

I love the Parables in the bible and I love it when he downloads to me in metaphors.  It’s almost a New Year, time to do some inventory. Are you still fighting the good fight or have you let distractions and disappointment knock you down? If so, quit hitting “snooze” and wake up to a brand new start in 2016! God’s sweet, beautiful mercy is new every day!

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