Are You Ready?

fb_img_1453222814172.jpgI heard something after church Sunday morning that I’ve been thinking about all week.  When I heard it the spirit fell… goose bumps.. watery eyes…

Three little 6 year old girls playing in the foyer after church.  They were giggling, sharing secrets, and one of the little girls named Piper, came to where her Grandma and I were standing.  She smiled at me as I told her how much she’d grown since I saw her last and how pretty she was.  Then the grandma told me of a conversation she and Piper had when they got to church that morning:

Piper: I’m so glad to be at church today!
Grandma: Me too! Why are you so glad?
Piper: Because I’ve been talking to Jesus and he’s coming back soon and I can’t wait to see him!

I looked at Piper and she smiled at me and said “Yep!” like hanging out talking to Jesus was no big thing, and off she went to give high-fives and play with the other little girls. Me and Grandma:  Goose bumps.  Tears. Holy Spirit. Truth.

The Holy spirit is close to the little ones – Faith like a child. A sweet, innocent little girl with no agenda, no platform, she’s just been talking to Jesus and he told her he’s coming back soon.

That leaves me with one question – Are you ready?    Ponder that this week……

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