True Love

wp-1455415173706.jpegSomeone out there needs to hear this today…
To my Single Friends: Today is a choice. It’s a weekend where your social media is full of people celebrating this man-made lovers holiday with chocolate and flowers. It can naturally make you feel a tad lonely. And when that feeling comes that’s when you have a choice. You can wallow in your self pity and waste time away as you say “Why not me?!?” Or you can lace up your boots, get up and show the world what “True Love” is this weekend.

Me? I felt it this morning, just like you, for about 2.5 minutes and then God dropped this verse in my heart: “For God SO LOVED the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE”.  Often in the bible we read “But the GREATEST of these is Love.” God sent Moses to deliver the captives from Israel and while they were just a short journey from the Promised Land of Freedom they wandered around in the wilderness, lost, for 40 years because they complained, grumbled and lacked faith. Today we live in a world of hurting people wandering around lost, broken, looking for freedom. Freedom that’s just a simple act of love and prayer in front of them, yet not knowing how to find it. This weekend – be a Moses! Show some True Love and help set a captive free!

Me? I got up and prayed and thanked God that he’s given me the strength and patience to wait for him to write my Love Story. And then asked “Put people in my path this weekend who need to meet you – the One who loves us like no other.” He dropped immediately in my heart people I need to reach out to with notes, cards and encouragement.  I’m headed to a little girls last basketball game of the season. It’s COLD out, I have a “To Do” list a mile long, but in my minds eye I already see that sweet, beautiful smile on her face when she sees “Miss Kris” walk in.  Those moments mean a lot to little ones. With any luck while I’m out I’ll be able to show kindness to a stranger or make a new friend.  THAT’s what True Love is. 

As we’ve heard often at SRC, “Happiness” is caused by happenings. The flowers will fade, the chocolate will get eaten (if you need help with that – please call me) but a foundation of Joy that never leaves is yours when you experience what “True Love” really is.

One thought on “True Love

  1. Dear Lord, on this day when we celebrate romantic love, I thank you for this gift. It does indeed enrich our lives. Yet you call us to so much more than what romantic love entails. You call us to love, not just our friends, but also our enemies. You challenge us to love those who do not return our love.
    Help me, Lord, to be sure and express my love for those who are closest to me: my children, my family and friends. But, even more, I ask that you help me to love as you loved, to broadcast your love even and especially to those who cannot or will not reciprocate. Teach me to love even those I don’t like, the people I’d rather avoid. May I love as you love, Lord.
    I pray in your name, Amen


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