Praying Mothers

I was blessed to be asked to speak at a Mother/Daughter banquet last night and I want to share what was laid heavy on my heart.  Maybe with a little more boldness than I did last night.  Please know some of what I say may seem harsh – but it’s done with love and a desire to see women living free of lies from the enemy and being all they can be!  Women need to stand up and unite to raise our children.  We only rise when we lift one another up.  It takes a village to raise a child and a village can’t do that unless it’s united, and praying.

Stop letting society and social media dictate who the devil wants to whisper in your ear that you are (or aren’t).  Your worth is not determined by the size of your jeans, the money in your bank account, the title you hold or the way you look.  If the devil can’t destroy or defeat us, he’ll distract us.  And he has, and he’s whispering lies and making women feel “less than” for so many stupid reasons!

Grown women get pitted against one another through their insecurities.  “I wasn’t in that group picture so I must not be accepted or loved.” “I don’t have a house like her, she must think she’s better than me.” “I can’t afford that type of purse so I must not fit in.”   The devil knows that when women become catty and jealous and insecure it will render them ineffective as leaders and friends and most of all Prayer Warriors!   The devil doesn’t care if you believe in God, he just doesn’t want you talking to him!  Why?  Prayer works!!  In the bible prayer is referenced over 600 times – God is saying “Ask me!  Talk to me!  I’ll Answer!”  In James 5:16 we read “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  God doesn’t lie my friends.  His word is true.  Prayer works.

I watched my mother constantly diet and sometimes feel “less than” because she was a stay at home mom.  Oh how I wish she knew that she gave me the best gift ever and held a better position than a CEO.  She gave me her prayers!  Prayers that likely kept me alive when I was being a knucklehead and defiant and making bad choices.  A mother’s prayers do not return void.  Neither do a grandmothers or a mentors.  Praying momma’s – rise up!  Don’t you ever hold your head low feeling like you are less than – you have the MOST IMPORTANT job in the world!  There is a lost and dying generation out there who do not know Jesus.  Sadly, many not only do not know him, they have never heard of him!  We have taken prayer out of our schools.  God out of anything that may “offend” someone.  And we wonder why our children are suffering with addiction, depression, fear and anxiety.  You were born for such a time as this!  To raise and lead a generation that knows, loves and fears the Lord.  Revival is coming in our youth – I believe that – but they have to be lead, mentored and loved.   A friend of mine said her 12 year old son took his bible to school and some of the kids in his class wondered what it was?  They had never heard of Jesus and had no idea what the 10 Commandments were.  This is in rural Southern Ohio my friends!  Not some big city or remote village in a foreign country.

I shared this story with my new friends last night:  Back in the late 90’s my boys went to a Christian Concert called “Icthus”.  Tents, no showers, Woodstock type event.  It was in the hills of Kentucky.  They left on the church van and were supposed to be back on Sunday afternoon.  On Sunday morning as I got up to go to church, I was surprised to see them already home, in their beds.  They must’ve gotten in early?  I went to church and as a mother got up to testify I was Blown Away!  This mother’s son was also on this trip.  She awoke from a very real dream.  In the dream she saw caskets lined up around the church and the children on the trip and the Youth Pastor were each in one of those caskets.  She got up and went to her son’s bedroom and started praying over his bed.  When she got tired and could pray no longer, she called her Momma who took over praying.  When her son got home he told this story.  The Youth Pastor hadn’t slept for 24 hours when it started raining, hard, in KY.  Mudslides were coming and they evacuated the concert.  Without much sleep, the pastor got the kids loaded and headed home.  It was her son that woke up in the nick of time.  The Pastor who was driving the van had fallen asleep and had crossed the double yellow line.  The lights of a semi were coming towards them and they were about to hit head on.  Her son woke the Pastor up in time for him to get back on their side of the road and it saved their lives.  Never in my life have I been more thankful for a praying mother!  Her prayers saved not only her own son, but my two as well!    Often “logical” people want to reason away God.  But there is a quote “A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.”  I have witnessed God’s power in answered prayers and no one can ever take that away from me.  But to get those God moments?  We have to pray and be expectant of them! 

One boy, in one high school, in West Virginia got brave in a hallway and many students gave their hearts to the Lord.  Pastor Lawrence said something very profound today:  Do your children hear you gossiping, back biting and complaining?  Or do they hear you praying, loving and supporting?  Are you showing them what forgiveness, boldness and answered prayers looks like?  

 A couple years ago I had a long-time friend stop talking to me.  Deleted me off FB.  I reached out and asked Why!?!  Her response “I just figured now that you had this new job and big title I likely wasn’t good enough for you anymore”  What the what?!?  I was hurt.  I evaluated myself closely – had I said or done anything that left me anything other than humble?  I couldn’t think of anything but apologized anyway in case it was something I couldn’t see in myself.  We still rarely talk.  She let the devil whisper in her ear that she wasn’t good enough and the result was a loss of friendship and peace.  Don’t let the devil whisper those things to you ladies!    I have been blessed with a good job and this past year a platform to speak to women as well.  I appreciate both, but the most precious time to me is the one on one.  Sharing the love of Jesus with a random stranger in an unusual place or when a friend calls and says “pray for my sick baby”.  I want to die not defined by any title other than “Prayer Warrior – Good Momma – Mentor – Friend”.   Those are the only titles that the God I serve cares about because behind those titles are a love for Jesus and a desire to do what he has called us to do. 

The picture below is from a book my mother gave me a year before she died.   She asked God to give me a Holy Boldness to share his love.  I know where the source of my strength and protection comes from.  Thank God for praying Mommas!!


One thought on “Praying Mothers

  1. I too believe in the power of prayer..I forget to use it sometimes though. Thanks for sharing and reminding me.


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