Be Still and Know….

20160626_145736.jpgThis past Sunday’s sermon by Pastor Fender was on the 23rd Psalm.  It was full of really good nuggets of how goodness and mercy will follow you if you’re following the Lord.  But amidst that powerful message he threw this nugget in there, almost off topic, and it’s the one that stuck out to me the most. “Don’t chase people. We were not designed to chase people. We were designed to seek God. When you are chasing God and find the one who can keep up with you? That’s who you marry.”

Let me elaborate on that nugget just a bit as I feel there are many single people who need to hear this.  When you seek God & quit chasing men or women? You find your purpose. You gain strength. You learn to love yourself. And only then, when you love yourself, can you truly love someone else. The world is full of broken people trying to love another with their broken pieces. It’s why relationships fail. I keep seeing young women post on FB “What’s wrong with me?” “I’m still single. I must be horrible! Un-loveable”. My heart breaks when I see those posts. It’s essentially saying they have no worth alone. They are looking for their worth in another. I got a news flash – People will fail. We all do at times. If you find your identity in another human? You also find your happiness in them. When they leave? You lose your identity and your happiness. Find your identity in the one who created you. Let Him show you how wonderful and special you are. Let your joy come from the one who never leaves us. Find your purpose. And then? That’s when love, True Love that will last, will find you. Love that will walk beside you & bring out the best version of you. Not define you.

If you’re single, don’t be discouraged!! Maybe, just maybe, God cares enough about you that he’s wanting you to learn to love yourself in the solitude. Be still and know that he has you in the palm of his hand. Let him speak to your heart in the quiet.  And then? When he brings you “the one” you are able to love with your whole heart and not just the broken pieces. 

“Joy comes as a by-product of confidence in God, not certainty, in ones circumstances.” – Unk

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