A State of Expectation

ExpectTonight I attended an Open Heaven Ministries service where Eric Ferguson spoke to us about living in a state of expectation.  When we live expecting great things, we experience great things. Once we experience great things we express (or share) those great things with others and it encourages them.  Tonight I was told personally that this is “Only the beginning”.  I was also told “God will align your steps and guide you which way to go.”  And the best word spoke over me? “God will grant you the desires of your heart just like His Word promises”.

The desires of my heart? I want the words I write and speak to be His words.  I want them to be anointed and bring healing to those who read and hear them.  I want him to lead me to the hurting and I want my hugs to heal just like Peter’s shadow.  I want to be brave enough to lay hands on the sick and they receive healing.  I was driving home with a renewed expectation and thanking God in advance for granting me the desires of my heart.  That’s when I saw her sitting there….

I live in an apartment complex with a beautiful lake between the buildings.  If you sit at the end of the lake and look across it, you can block out the buildings and simply see the beauty in God’s creation.  As I drove around the bend she was sitting there, staring across the lake.  God spoke to my heart “Go to her.”  As I’m driving to my apartment I was starting the argument with God that I knew I’d lose…”What?!  Are you sure God?  I mean it’s getting late, it’s almost dark, and I wanted to go in and write in my journal about the awesome service tonight.” But I hear that whisper again…  “Go to her Kris”.  I’ve been in this walk long enough to know that I needed to lace up my boots, be a brave solider and go or I was going to miss an opportunity.  I walked in my apartment, laid down the bags from the store and started walking.  Instead of letting fear get to me I prayed all the way there “Your words God.  Your words.  Use me.”

I walked up and said “Pretty view here isn’t it?”  She smiled a sad smile and said “Yes.”  I slowly sat down beside her and then the words came… “I know you don’t know me, but well, I just came from church.  Well anyway, I saw you sitting here as I drove by and God tugged on my heart and told me to come back and talk to you.  To tell you that He loves you and He’s heard your prayers.  To remind you that you are beautiful and special to him.”   She just stared at me.  To break the silence I asked “Do you go to church?”  To which she replied, “Yes, well, I have the past year but I haven’t the last month.  I’ve been praying about possibly finding another church?  Just feeling a little lost right now.”  I proceeded to tell her that I go to a great church, with great pastors, but our hope and joy come from seeking the Lord.  That we humans?  We fail.  Often.  But God’s love is never changing and when we see ourselves like He sees us – beautiful, unique and special – that’s when we find joy.”  I then asked if I could pray for her?  She said “Yes, please.  That would be nice.”  I asked her what for?  “I want my joy back”.  That launched me into my testimony of how I got my joy back along with the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Then I had the nudging “Ask her if she wants a book?”  So I asked if I could bless her with a copy of my book if I went to my apartment and got one?  “No way?!?  I LOVE to read and I’ve been praying and asking God what book I should read.  This is crazy!  This is awesome!  Wait until I tell my mom!”  I went back to my apartment, got a copy of my book and took to her.  We walked back together and she told me about her job and the stress she’s under.  I was able to witness about my experience at a previous job.  How if we focus on being a light in those dark and stressful situations at work, God will give us the grace and mercy to get through the day until he moves us.  As we slowed down in front of her building God said “Tell her about the house.  About the girls”…. I found myself saying “So God has blessed me with this house I never thought I’d be able to have.  I’m actually moving next month.  He knows  this isn’t just a house, this is going to be a place of hope and love.  I’m going to use it to love on my girls.  I have this amazing group of young girls who are single and waiting on their Boaz and I want to have them over to share and strengthen and lift one another up as a group and I want my door to always be open with a cup of coffee waiting on a hurting soul.  These are amazing young women and we do some pretty fun stuff together!  We went canoeing yesterday and I can’t wait to get a larger group together to go again.”  She put her hand to her mouth as she started to cry,smile and laugh all at the same time as she said “I promise!  I have been praying God put a group of good women in my life who like to canoe and do the things I like to do.  Oh my gosh I can’t believe this!  Wait until I tell my mom!  I’ve told her the specifics of what I’ve been praying for and look at this!!”  I said “This?  This is God.  He loves you and he aligns our steps.  This wasn’t a chance meeting.  You have a light about you and He’s going to heal you and use you.”  She said “I believe it!”

The joy she has been praying for?  I saw it on her face tonight as I hugged her tight and walked away.  She said “I will see you at church soon!”  And I believe she will.  Me?  I got my joy back too!  I smiled and thanked God all the way back to my apartment.  There is no greater feeling than seeing God move in the life of those who are seeking Him and knowing he trusts you enough to be His hands and feet.

I live in expectation, which gives experiences, which gives encouragement.  God is not a respecter of persons.  He will come to every single person who is seeking Him. Want an amazing adventure?  Break the routine.  Step out of the norm.  Live life in expectation!

” Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.  Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”  Psalms 37: 4 & 5



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