Lincoln’s Legacy…

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step of faith.  “Coffee with Kris” didn’t happen overnight.  It’s been 3 years of obedient baby steps.  The blog which He used to show me when he decides to move?  He’ll move!!  234 to 7,000 readers overnight, 10,000 by the next morning when I cried out “God I need a sign!!  If this is what you want me to do, give me a sign.”  I took that sign he so graciously gave and kept writing.  The book which was a huge leap of faith, super scary, but in that process I learned to block out the lies of the enemy “Who do you think you are?!?  You’re not a writer!  People will laugh at you!!”  End result?  Turns out I am a writer.  Not because I have a literary degree in English, but because God said I was.  Because it’s His gift and I used it for His glory.  In that process I learned to follow God and shut out the lies of the enemy as he threw those fiery darts of doubt.  (Which he will surely throw again).  After a church service a pastor told me he felt led to tell me not to grow weary in well doing, I’m about to reap.  The day before?  I had just quoted that scripture “do not grow weary in well doing for in due time you will reap a harvest” as I shared with my friend how very weary I was feeling.  God used that pastor to speak to me.  That moment was the push I needed for the Women’s Conference I held in Hillsboro in April.  Since that conference, and since the idea for Coffee with Kris, I have been in a spiritual battle like you wouldn’t believe.  Days I didn’t want to read or pray.  The devil throwing every temptation and snare at me that would’ve tripped me up before.  I got bruised in the battle for sure.  Tripped a few times.  And the lies started again “See?!? Why even do this?  You aren’t worthy.  You aren’t going to stand tall.  You’ll fail Kris.”  But I laced up my boots – kept fighting – kept asking for forgiveness when I needed to and here we are today, ready to release “Coffee with Kris” Session 1.  Through amazing divine appointments our little team of warriors has come together and Session 2 is already in the works!  

As admin of “Coffee with Kris” FB page I can see that over 8,000 people have seen this week’s post, and it’s been shared 40+ times on social media.  When talking to my friend last night he said “Kris, do you understand how many 8,000 is?!?  I used to play football for a small Division 1 college, our stadium held 8,000 people.  Kris, that’s a LOT of people!!”  As soon as he said that I instantly recalled a memory from a few months ago.  In two different church services, I had two different people speak this to me: One said “God has shown me that you are going to be a voice for this generation.”  Another said “This is only the beginning for you.  God is going to use you to speak to thousands.”  Since I was speaking at book signings & women’s events I thought that meant that I would get asked to speak in front of thousands, you know, the next Joyce Meyer or Lisa Bevere, and I was ready!  But no, that wasn’t God’s plan. That was my interpretation of His plan.  But you see?  His ways are higher than our ways.  His thoughts higher than ours.  He gives us wisdom and talents and abilities.  How am I speaking to this generation?  Meeting them where they are, on social media.  I may never stand on a platform in a stadium and see thousands come to the altar, but God has shown me people on their knees in their bedrooms, in their cars, in a hotel room saying “God I need you” and when they do?  Their lives, their story will be forever changed.  If you know someone out there who is struggling, share this video link and let them be reminded that God is Real!!

Share the video and share love in the memory of Lincoln Jullierat.

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