Red Rover, Red Rover

Kids on playground.jpgMy two cents on a good relationship…  I read this weekend “It’s not a lack of LOVE, but a lack of FRIENDSHIP that makes unhappy marriages.”   Resonated with me.  Good quote.  So true. So many people “fall in love” and base marriage on those first easy 6 months of emotion (and physical attraction)… the “idea of being in love”.   For the long haul? (or at least for it to be a good haul)  You need to LIKE the person you marry. They need to be your best friend. You need to see them as imperfectly perfect.  You don’t focus on each other’s weakness, you celebrate one another’s strengths and lift one another up.  You stay fiercely loyal and protective like you would if a bully was picking on your best bud at the play ground.  And their faults? Become endearing.  Like non-judging 6 year olds, the scabs on the knees and freckles on the nose just make your best friend, well? Your best friend.  Their scars are cool and tell a story that you like to hear.  You pick the toothpaste up that’s squeezed from the middle instead of the bottom as you smile and put it away.  You don’t lash out in anger over the small stuff.   And you can’t wait for him to get home from work, just like when you couldn’t wait for your best friend to finish dinner so they could come out and play. Be spontaneous and impromptu, because that’s where the adventure lies. And you pray for God to protect them, just like you did your best friend in the first grade.  With a pure, believing heart.

Red Rover, Red Rover I dare my prince charming over!!

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