Self Equity

“Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you are worth the trip.”Glenn Beck

I have a dear friend that I see about once every 3 or 4 months.  I always look forward to our “catch up” visit because I always leave with a good nugget.  This last visit?  I left with a couple.  One of those nuggets I feel led to share.

We were discussing mentoring and guiding the broken, which caused us to ponder this question; “What  makes a person stop being a victim and become a victor”??  He had the best answer and explained it to me in an analogy.  Kris, I believe it’s “self equity”.

My friend went on to explain that due to managing his money wisely, he has enough money in the bank that he could not work for two years and be alright financially.  That gives him the courage to run his business as he wants with no fear.  To not compromise when it comes to integrity or safety on the job.  To be able to say no to the business decisions that could cost him, compromise him, and walk away from it all if it gets too much.  He calls it his “I’m Outta Here” money.  It’s in the bank, it’s drawing interest, it changes the way he can view work and make decisions.  It’s a foundation of equity that says “I don’t have to do what I don’t want to do.”

In that same manner, people need to have “self equity”.  They need to realize and understand their worth.  One must grasp and believe that they are fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose.  Understand and believe in their hearts and minds that they deserve the very best that God has for them.  That we are in control of our lives, and therefore, we can control what we let in.  When one truly gets to a place that they like themselves, and even more, love themselves?  One finds that “self equity” to say “No, I won’t stay here alone in the darkness and depend on others.  I will go out and get a job and make my own way.” “You want to go out with me but you have no moral compass and are abusive?  No.  I will be just fine here, alone, until I find another who knows how to treat me with love and respect.”  Standards are set higher, and held to, because their self equity says “I’m worth more”.  God is our source of strength.  Once we see ourselves like God sees us?  We grow, we get stronger, we change from a victim to a victor!

“Standing up for yourself isn’t about changing the other person, it’s about honoring your self-worth.”


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