Humble & Courageous

Basement MtgSix months ago I moved into my new home.  It was definitely a blessing from the Lord.   I knew I had to be a good steward of it and use it for His glory.  He let me get moved in and settled before he laid on my heart to start a monthly women’s event.  I started the group on line through social media as a way for women to encourage one another, but I knew there needed to be personal interaction as well.  I imagined I may have at the most 8 or 10 women show up to my home once a month.  I wasn’t sure yet what that was going to look like?  I just knew I needed to do it. 

Every good group needs a name, right?  So I came up with “Power Packed”.  I wanted women to rise up to be mighty and powerful warriors.  And?  There’s power in the pack.  If the devil can get us feeling isolated and alone?  That’s when he gets in our heads.  That’s when he whispers…  “Come over here.” 

That first month I was excited as I opened the door to faces I’d never seen before!  Met women from my church I didn’t know.  We had 20 women that first event!  We shared in a circle as we introduced ourselves and there were tears and prayers and new friendships.  We created vision boards.  At the end of the event I heard repeatedly “I needed this.  I needed to get out and feel a part of something.”  My heart was full.  My God’s big.  He knows what his daughters need. 

The second month we created coffee cups and fellowshipped and I mentioned I may stop the event for the summer as I know it’s a busy time.  One woman said “Please don’t.  I look forward to this all month.  I was feeling so isolated at home with my three children.  I need this time to connect with other women.”  My heart was touched.  We’ll continue to meet.  Whether it’s 20 or 3 in attendance, God knows who needs to be there and he’ll put just the right people together at just the right time.

I was still contemplating in what direction to take the group.  God laid on my heart to have speakers start coming and sharing their testimony.  When we share our stories, we build faith in others.  He laid a special warrior on my heart that I’ve heard speak before.  One I knew would touch the ladies that attend who are wanting to learn more, and have a closer relationship.  

Yesterday was month three.  I bought fresh flowers for the vase on the table and food to make the women feel welcome and loved.  But to be honest?  Totally transparent?  The devil started whispering in my ear as I was setting up for the women’s meeting in my basement.  Look around Kris.  Your basement isn’t even finished.  This isn’t a “nice environment” to meet in.  You have metal chairs and bag chairs set up in an unfinished basement. *smh*… You’ve invited this mighty woman of God to speak here?!?  And as I was starting to give those lies place?  Starting to wonder how she could speak upstairs and everyone hear?  I heard God say “What have I told you?!?  What’s my word say??  Just obey me.  Obey me in the small things.  Take that first step.”  And I knew He was right.  Every time I have obeyed him in the small things?  He leads to bigger and bigger.  On my vision board?  I have one HUGE dream left.  To someday own “Kristina’s”.  It will be THE event place to host your wedding and a place for me to love on others and make their special day amazing.  But during the week?  I will use that facility to offer free faith-based “Living Free” counseling.  Free classes on parenting using the teaching of Dr. James Dobson.  I’m believing that one day?  I will be sitting in that event place with matching chairs and tables on a beautiful hardwood floor and I will remember this month’s meeting in my unfinished basement, and I will be able to do nothing but give God all the glory.  I have no idea how that’s going to happen?  And that’s ok.  It’s just my job to believe it will.  It’s just my job to dream. I have a big God and if he wants me to have that venue?  He’ll put the right people in my path and make a way.  If he places a dream in our hearts?  He makes a way if we stay obedient.  

Let me tell you about the meeting yesterday.  Miss Patty brought a word that had us saying “Amen”, clapping and crying.  We felt Holy Spirit show up in that unfinished basement as women got prayed for and chains got broken.  As I said my last good-bye and shut my front door,  God reminded me ever so gently it’s not about our surroundings, it’s about our hearts.  It’s about women gathered together saying “Reveal yourself to us”!!  If He’s a welcome guest?  He’ll show up.  

I can’t stop chewing on this good nugget from the meeting and wanted to share.  It’s in regards to Humility:  “To be humble is to recognize gratefully our dependence on the Lord – to understand that we have constant need for His support.  Humility is an acknowledgement that our talents and abilities are gifts from God.  It is not a sign of weakness, timidity, or fear; it is an indication that we know where our true strength lies.  We can be both humble and fearless.  We can be both humble and courageous.”  

For me?  I know that without God guiding my every step?  I’m just a good person.  A nice person.  Women’s events at my home would just be another social club.  But if I want to change the atmosphere around me?  If I want my hugs to heal like Peter’s shadow?  If I want to have power and not just a program?  I have to humble myself and say “Your will, not mine.”   

Be blessed my friends –


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