Design a Life You Love…

18056984_10154863164934843_342349923210123586_nOne of the things I enjoy the most? Meeting new people & making new connections. Went on a business trip to Florida recently. I got the opportunity to sit by the beautiful young woman at dinner who had been our host that day. She was strong, vibrant, smart, successful and stunning. We got past the aviation talk and got real.  In the process of my sharing how good the Lord’s been to me and mended my broken pieces? She shared about a loss she has endured and how she’s been working through it. Two women who were strangers one day, became friends over dinner by removing the masks, tearing down the walls, and keeping it real. More women need to grasp this! A beautiful, strong woman is not your enemy, she is your ally. She is on this journey right along with you and is likely dealing with things you would never imagine.

I walked in today and found a card on my desk the mail room had delivered, from Florida. There was a note congratulating me on Session 2 of “Coffee with Kris” and an air-freshener with the quote “She designed a life she loved.”  I can’t even tell you how this made my day!

Ladies, remove the masks. If someone didn’t smile when they passed you? Maybe instead of being offended you should ask if they are OK? We’re all a work in progress. Stop the envy, strife, drama and just love and support one another. And then? watch AMAZING things happen!!

Be blessed!


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