The “Not to Do” List…

textgram_1493172262Today’s revelation: It’s often easier “to do” something to change our little corner of the world, than “not to do” something.

Follow me here… as I looked at my “To Do” list on the fridge today I realized it’s easy to be kind to someone every day.  It’s easy to give money to a charity or participate in a ministry event.  Easy to buy the person’s lunch behind you in the drive thru.  I could challenge most of you to do all those things to make your little corner brighter, and it would be an easy feat for most of you.  We all have an innate desire to do good.

But what’s often harder? Is our “Not to Do” list.  Not speaking in anger. Not participating in gossip. Not getting easily offended. Not picking up FB when you should be spending time with your family (Ouch! Right?!?) Not giving in to temptation.  I realized? The things we don’t do that make our corner a little brighter? Are often harder than the things we can do.  Why? Because we are also inherently selfish. We want to lash out in anger – it makes us feel better! (For a second). We want to gossip! It makes us feel better about our own short-comings (for a minute).  We want to give in to that temptation because it feels good! (For a moment).  To “Not Do” something to make your corner a little brighter? To be like Jesus? Takes discipline and obedience.  “To do” something for the kingdom often just takes a desire to do something good.

My challenge to you?  Ask God to search your heart and then make a “Not to Do’ list.

Be blessed my friends!


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