One of “Those” Days…

20170502_202157Ever have one of those days? Now before you agree with me – I’m not talking “one of those days” – I’m talking one of THOSE days! The ones where you are reminded of God’s presence early in the morning when you get a download you share on FB that have others reaching out off-line and it’s really just because you are preaching to yourself and know we all share in similar struggles. When you get to work and even though the “to do” list is longer than the work day?  You decide to stop and take the time to connect with a co-worker who has become a friend, and you get to talk about the Lord and you get THE BEST nugget you will share later in the day to someone who needs encouragement. (Cause you know He’s going to redeem the time anyway). You get an email from the NTSB and already see the content for your next blog in it! IKR?!? But you’ll see! You get to hear about a young boy who told his Momma that he liked this new church because the kids were in an environment they weren’t just playing and having fun – he actually gets to listen to the preacher and soak in the word! (BTW – That boy having a heart to get closer to the Lord at that young age?!? I’ve thought about that off and on all day. He’s going to be used mightily! He has a heart like David.)   You decide to have a Midnight Mint Mocha frappe for lunch, because well, you can!  You’re in the car leaving work and the videographer surprises you with the message  “I have a trailer done for the Coffee with Kris video.  We can release the trailer tonight.”  What?!?! We just recorded 2 days ago?!? I watched the trailer while sitting in traffic and found myself with goosebumps and tears. It moves you when you know God’s going to take your small effort and use it to encourage and give others hope. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better??? The icing on the cake of my day!! After prayer service the sweetest little girl brings me a hug and this folded up note. I opened it when I got in the car. I couldn’t stop smiling! Keep your MK designs and give me a Crayola any time! And?!? Sweet Jasmine always calls me “Miss Kris”. Notice anything in this picture?!? Yeah – I’m just choosing to believe it was a lil’ prophetic!!  God does speak to us in mysterious ways!!   I had an amazing day!! and all I did? Was enjoy the moments God gave me. While I like to think I’m his favorite? He is no respecter of persons. He’s giving you those moments too – just take the time to stop and enjoy them.

Select link below to view todays surprise video release:

Coffee with Kris Session 3 Trailer Release

Be blessed my friends!



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