It’s all about Relationship….

textgram_1494681273.pngDo you have that one person that makes you say “They only reach out to me when they want something?” Do you have a favorite musician, actor or sports figure and you buy t-shirts with their name on it, you spend money and time going to their concerts or sporting events, and you may even support a cause they are spear-heading? But end of day? They don’t know your name. If someone called them and said “You know John? He’s sick and could use your help! Remember? He spent $1,000 on tickets to your events the last few years. He bought your t-shirts. He helped at a fundraiser supporting the cause you promote.” And they respond “Ummm.. no. I don’t believe I know John.”

Some of you already know where I’m headed in this analogy. Aren’t we often times like that with Jesus? We believe He exists, but we’re only going to call when we need something. Now, remember how that makes you feel? Ouch! And other times? We get touched in a church service or conversation with a friend. We get on fire for the Lord but we never sit quietly and spend time with Him. Never learn to hear His voice. We buy the cross necklace. Put the Jesus fish on the back of our car. Maybe even buy a t-shirt and feed the homeless. But we never spent time with HIM. Now don’t get me wrong – I believe we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus. But I also believe that the MOST IMPORTANT THING is to first, have a relationship with Him.

My best friend Becky and I have been BFF’s for 25 years. If she walked in a room and started talking, I wouldn’t have to see her to know she was there – I’d know the sound of her voice. Why? Because we spent many long hours talking to one another over the years. We were there to carry the burdens when a parent died, my divorce was final, or our children acted out. We built a “relationship”. If she’s hurting? I know what she needs because we know one another. Its the same way with Jesus. If you spend time with Him – not just talking – but then sitting quietly and listening? You build that same type of relationship. The bible says “we are created in his image.” Our earthly relationships are just a reflection of the one we are afforded with Him. That’s how you learn His voice. That’s when you know it’s Him saying “move, reach out, give to this person in need.” The acts without the direction? Are just that. Just good deeds.

If the devil can’t defeat us? He’ll distract us. He doesn’t care if we sit on a church pew every week. If we tire ourselves doing good deeds. But what he doesn’t want us to do? Have the relationship. Spend quiet time with the Lord. Read the word. Pray. Because my friends? THAT’S where the power lies. Want to draw your sword? Want to fight the battle that goes on for your mind, your peace and your home? Go talk to the One with the answers.

Have you talked to God lately??

“Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me” – Matthew 7: 22-23

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