He Hears…

I was standing at the altar the morning we all prayed for her.  It was so powerful and I felt the Holy Spirit there in the midst. I knew in that instant, she was already healed.  Others knew it too as they looked my way and said “She’s healed”..  It’s been a few months.  It wasn’t instant.  But today we got the news we knew we’d get – cancer free!  There’s another young girl I watch in anticipation improve a little week after week.  One day?  I’m going to witness a restored mind and I’m going to jump and shout!  I watched a young girl get baptized a few weeks ago whose name I wrote in my prayer journal the year prior.  I got to witness relationships that have been strained that I’ve been praying for, start to be restored.  And tonight?  Instead of doing one of the many chores that await me?  I sit on the back deck just so thankful. I got out my prayer journal and started marking off those prayers that I’ve seen answered.  My prayers are often not eloquent or lengthy, but they are heart felt.  Sometimes?  God answers almost immediately.  Likely as a reminder He can.  Sometimes?  It takes a bit… a good bit.  A few weeks or a year even.  But the thing I know to be true?  His timing is perfect!  He’s never early, never late, but always right on time.  

Talking with a couple young girls today and we shared how what the pastor said was so true “Sometimes your worst day?  Is actually your best day.”  Oh how true!  Sometimes that hurt and pain we go through?  Is a blessing in disguise.  It pushes us in a different direction that maybe we didn’t want to go on our own.  Sometimes we stay in the comfortableness of heartache because of the fear of the unknown.  But if you love the Lord?  If you have faith?  You can move into the unknown fearlessly.  And later? we can look back and say “Thank you God for that push!”

One thought on “He Hears…

  1. Thanks Kris this is just more conformation for me because the verse he gave me this weekend was 2 Peter 3:9…… sometimes it’s hard to wait up on him but when we get comformation like this it gets a little easier..he can not lye so I know his promise will come true in his time….. thanks again I am glad I found your blogs.


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