Signs In the Sky….

“There are no slots left in Jackson Hole, WY.”  “Yeah, we normally don’t require slots, but we have to now… it’s first come, first serve – we’ll start parking planes in the grass..” 1503160652831_30246281-1503160640442_640x640

I had heard these conversations all week at work as our employees try to be creative and get our passengers to their destination to watch the eclipse. What I didn’t think about? My son called me.  He lives near Paducah, KY.  “Mom, I’m not coming home this weekend after all.   The county gov’t is saying “expect power outages, black outs, no gas to be available at the pumps, extreme traffic jams”  as people from all over the US and other countries travel to watch the eclipse from that area in KY.  I heard of someone who could only get a room as close to there as Elizabethtown, KY which is still 3+ hours away.  Their plan? To drive there.  Hmm… let’s think about this… there is no room in any hotel within hours of that spot, and everyone has the same idea,  “We’ll drive there”… For anyone along the “prime viewing path”?   Expect and be prepared for a mass cluster of chaos.

And then I had to ask myself…  “Do all these people driving to watch the eclipse, that happens once every 34 years, even know about what’s happening in the sky on September 23rd, 2017?  Something that only happens every 7,000 Years!  When the stars and planets will align as it’s stated in Revelation 12:1-2.”   There are scientists at NASA giving their lives to Christ because they have the ability to look ahead at the star patterns and have discovered that on Sept 23, 2017 the stars will align as predicted in the bible thousands of years ago when Paul wrote Revelation.  There is much more that goes along with this that are biblical facts and are well explained in the video at bottom of page.


Am I saying Jesus is returning Sept 23, 2017?  No.  In the bible it says no man knows the day or hour.  Am I trying to cause fear?  Absolutely not.  I’m trying to get you to think, to be ready.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t.  Jesus could come back Sept 23.  But he could return tomorrow.  Or 100 years from now.  I personally have always thought I’d see the rapture in my lifetime.  I vividly recall one night as a child, out on that back country road where I grew up, there was a fire a few miles away.   There were cross winds that night and it made it look like a big cross burning in the sky.   My mom, dad and I looked at it and I asked “Is this the rapture mom?”  She said “I don’t know honey..”  but that night stuck with me.  It’s going to happen that way.  Quick, fast and there will be no time to repent.  To go back for a “do over”.   I can’t predict, or even attempt to predict, the rapture.  But one thing I do know?  We all have limited time on this rock.  We all have an appointed time to live, and to die.  Many of us think “I’ll worry about my eternity later, after I’ve had my fun and lived like I want..”   Know what? I’m a Christian and I have had more fun and true joy in the past 5 years than I ever had with nights in the bars or living in sin.  In the bible it says “Stay in my will and I will keep you in perfect peace”.   I have felt the presence of that perfect peace.   In it? I have no worry, no fear, no anxiety or doubt.  Anytime the peace goes away?  One quick look and I can readily identify, I’ve likely stepped outside of his will for me.  Get back in alignment?  The peace returns.

As Pastor Darlene said in her sermon last week, “Eternity is too long to be wrong”.  I’m not trying to scare anyone.  In fact? If you love the Lord? There’s nothing to fear.  I leave you with one simple question… “Are you ready?”  The signs are in the sky…

Be blessed –


One thought on “Signs In the Sky….

  1. Chris I really like what you say about stepping out of his will and the peace leaves you step back in and his will returns…. that is so true. “I am ready and I know that I know ” thank you for your Godly advice keep it coming


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