Run to the Rock

1503858133824_imageI’ve been reading a lot of posts on my social media that go something like “Everyone lets me down” – “I can’t depend on anyone” – “All I have is me”… when I see those?  My heart breaks.  I think “How can I show them how to find the peace I have?!? I want that for everyone!” I made a vow to myself, and for my walk, that I would not post anything on social media that wasn’t encouraging, inspiring and positive. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my bad days. That I don’t struggle or feel overwhelmed behind closed doors. That if not careful? I could easily fall into the “poor me” pity party comparing what I don’t have to what I think everyone else on my feed does.  But I still have an underlying river of joy and peace.  Even when I’m not “happy”.  Happiness comes from “happenings” – and those can change from day to day.  But true joy?  That comes from an unchanging God whose promises you can stand on.

I love what Steven points out in this message.  As kids we would often hear from our fathers “You wanna cry? I’ll give you something to cry about!” So we carry that with us and we think “Even though I’m feeling overwhelmed right now, I can’ tell God that.  Look at all the blessings he’s given me, I’d seem ungrateful!”  Well that’s a lie.  God is the one we should run to – not social media.  He is the one we should get real with and say “I thank you for all my blessings.  There are so many.  But today Lord?  Today I’m struggling.  I want to throat punch that co-worker, or why doesn’t anyone ever ask me how I’m doing?!?”  And then be still… let Him speak to your heart.  We are made in His image.  So think about being an earthly parent.  Don’t we want our children to both say “Thank you” but also come to us when they are struggling?  We try to build a relationship where our children will come to us instead of trying to find answers in places we don’t want them to go.  God, your heavenly father, is the same way.  Let Him be your rock you turn to. You can start the conversation out in pain, but end in praise.

I truly believe a secret to peace is to fill up with so much good there is no room for the bad. It changes the way we see and think about things.  I encourage you to listen to this message and consider it a free “refill of good”.  As a modern day minister Steven takes the word and makes it relatable. He is funny and will often slip a little psychology lesson in as well.

Click on the link below, listen, and be blessed my friends!


Steven Furtick – Setup in the Stronghold

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