In God We Trust

In-God-We-Trust“Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity.  We become what we tolerate.”

We let prayer be taken out of school.  We let the tearing down of the statutes of the 10 commandments happen because it “offends” .

“If you don’t stand for something? You’ll fall for anything.”

Too many people no longer know what they stand for.  I’m thankful that I know.  This country was founded on Christian beliefs.  It’s why “God” is a part of the pledge of allegiance, our money says “In God we Trust”, and many of our founding fathers knew the Lord was good.

This is not about me being a bigot, or having hate.  I have more love for people than I can express.  But I can also see what’s happening to our country.  It’s falling apart and people are fearful.  And fear? Breeds hate.  We don’t need to worry about North Korea, we are destroying ourselves from within. “United we stand, divided we fall.” The devil gets us divided? We fall. When people become fearful? They are easier to push an agenda to.  If a country is kept busy fighting among themselves over perceived issues of the media and money agenda? We miss the bigger picture.

As I heard Pastor Samuel Rodriguez say “It’s not the Donkey or the Elephant that’s gonna save us. It’s the Lamb.” So true!  In the bible it says that in the end? They will call good evil and evil good.  And that’s exactly what is starting to happen.  If we want to pray in schools, or we say “I love you” but I don’t agree with you? We’re haters.  In the bible?  The word love is repeated over and over and over again.  Love is different than tolerate. I love my son’s, but I would not tolerate lying or stealing.  I love my neighbors, all of them, but I will not tolerate being told I can’t pray in public or that I can’t honor my county and the men and women who died so that I can live free.  I will love everyone I meet no matter your race, religion or sexual preference.  But I will not change what I believe to be right and wrong.  I will not compromise my beliefs.  But I will stand on the rock that’s never changing and I will continue to love.  Jesus is love.  The prime example. Love is the answer.  It’s always been the answer….

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