2014 – Reflections of a Year of Hope

One of the very first blogs I wrote in 2014 when starting this “Eat, Love and Pray Journey”. As we approach 2018? I look back and can do nothing but thank the Lord for being so faithful! I pray that something you read in this blog encourages you to start, or keep, seeking Him. Be blessed in 2018 my friends!

Ellie May's Garden of Grace

wpid-img_523934578194168.jpegDecember 31, 2013:  The scar tissue was starting to form as my heart and soul were gently healing, being nursed back to life with the hope I had found.  Six months prior had been spent in solitude on the start of my journey; having fought through a cocktail of loneliness, depression and anxiety sprinkled with a splash of fear and doubt.  But on New Year’s Eve I raised my hands in praise and thanked God for what He had brought me through.  2014 was going to be a good year, I could feel it!

December 31, 2014:  Sitting here tonight in reflection I could never have fathomed just how great of a year was in store for me!  I sometimes feel I lived more life in 2014 than I did in the 47 years prior.  The  “2014 Year In Review” movie trailer plays in my head with snippets…

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