Every Sunrise Brings Forth Hope…

Ever noticed the beauty in a sunrise? How it feels a little “magical” as you watch it rise above the horizon and the sky starts to change colors?  How it makes you feel like anything is possible?  Even on the coldest of days, a sunrise brings a bit of warmth and hope.   Have you ever paused to wonder why?  Because as long as you are breathing – THERE IS HOPE.

Do not believe the lies the enemy likes to whisper that you have done too much wrong that God will never forgive you.  Do not believe the lie you have to be perfect BEFORE you start seeking Him.  Jesus is pursuing you.  He so sweetly says “Come as you are” broken, busted, disgusted.  His love is not contingent on our being “perfect” first.  His love? Perfects us as we seek Him.  It’s all part of the journey.

Where does the bible say the Lord is? He is close to the brokenhearted. He will gently start to heal those broken places and make beauty for ashes when you humble yourself and let Him in to those hurtful places.  When you forgive? He forgives you.  When you love? He loves you?  When you say “But I’m a hot mess? And I’m carrying all this garbage!!”  He says “I know.  Quit carrying that burden, it was never yours to carry to begin with.  Lay it at the foot of the cross, and let me carry it for you.”

God’s mercy is new EVERY MORNING – His word says so. Maybe, just maybe, that’s why Sunrises are so, well, full of hope!!


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