Unstoppable in 2018

A Symbolic ending of 2017 and start of an “UNSTOPPABLE” 2018! 20180101_113834 (1)

Some of you were watching my “FB Live” video last night of the amazing talent we have in our church during the singing and worship. And then? My battery started draining on my phone.  As Paul Harvey would say “Here’s the rest of the story…”

While waiting for the NYE service to start, I noticed a mother with her children. Her oldest, likely 10ish, was sitting there with arms folded and slid down in the seat. The other two younger ones were jumping, singing, having fun. I watched the mother start to take his picture and he slapped the phone away as he said “Don’t take my picture!!”  She leaned down to say something to him and he said “I told you I didn’t want to be here!!” My heart broke. Honestly?  First for the mother.  If I’m being honest, my first instinct was to grab that little boy and tell him he needed to show his momma some respect!

But then, the Lord spoke to my heart… “Look closer Kris…” There was no dad there with them.  “See him through my eyes Kris…”  He was angry because he was hurt. So instead of trying to say or do anything,  I just prayed… “God, soften that young boys heart tonight. Speak to him. And be with that Momma. Give her the strength”

Then the service started. Many of you saw the FB live videos of the amazing talent – but what you missed… Our South Rock worship leader singing “Reckless Love” with an anointing that comes from her truly seeking to bring the Lords presence into the room. Her song… Wrecked us all!  And then… 3 so VERY POWERFUL 10-minute messages from Pastor Darlene, Jason and Lawrence.   The last message ran a little over, because the pastor was hearing from the Lord instead of watching the clock.  (Just one more reason I love our church leaders).  And then,  with 6 minutes left before midnight,  Pastor Lawrence gave the altar call.  Most places would’ve said “we don’t have time.. it’s almost midnight…” But our Pastors?  They go after the one! There’s always an altar call.  Always hope, love and healing waiting for the lost. There was a lot going on at 6 til midnight – but God grabbed my attention and I stood there speechless..   As soon as Lawrence invited those who wanted to ask Jesus in their hearts to come to the altar I watched that little boy who was angry 2 short hours before push past his momma and siblings as he ran to the altar and gave his life to Jesus. I stood there in awe!  After the service I found him.  I gave him a big smile and asked his name.  I told him what a brave little boy he was and his smile lit up the room.   I’m so grateful my words to that little boy last night were “What a brave, amazing young man you are!” spoken with love, instead of “Young man!  You need to respect your mother!!”

What a beautiful, symbolic example of the words on the screen all night “Unstoppable”. Our God can move mountains when we pray.  When we remember that hurt people – Hurt people.   When we remember we are called to act in compassion and love. Watch out 2018!! We are going to be UNSTOPPABLE!!

Here’s to Big Dreams and Big Blessings to you in 2018!!

20180101_134824 (1)

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