Hiding The Word In Your Heart…

Bible studyMy career is largely made up of “problem solving”.  Finding the root cause of an issue along with a proposed fix or proper mitigation.    I find myself applying that to the every day as well.  As a result?  I will be starting an Online Bible Study via the “Ellie Mays Garden of Grace” page on Facebook.  If you would like to participate?  Please “Like” and “Follow” me through that FB page.  Read below for more information on how this came about and what it will entail.  

Problem Statement: Within a two week span I encountered 3 or 4 women who said the following things to me..
I want to read my bible, I just don’t know how. It all seems so overwhelming, and I don’t know where to start. So I just don’t.” another… “I’d like to participate in a bible study but my hectic schedule won’t allow me unless someone wants to hold one at 6am or 10pm!” and yet another…”I just feel intimidated and it keeps me from going to bible studies. And on my own? I’m not really sure how to “study“?”

Solution: (After much prayer) Online bible study!

**Read when your schedule allows.
**The option to post your thoughts on that weeks scripture, or get insight into how it applies to others in the group.
**Most important benefit?!? You are hiding the word in your heart. The word is a weapon. It’s full of promises to stand on. It is our compass and guide.

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” – Psalm 119:11

My Part:
*Pray and ask the Lord for guidance on the scripture to post that week.
*Post scripture every Sun night for the following week (Mon – Sun)
*Provide a brief commentary from my study bible, or something the Lord lays on my heart to share.

Your Part:
*Set aside 1/2 hour of quiet time to read the scripture posted that week.
*Stop and pray before reading. Ask the Lord to speak to your heart through His word.
*Pick a verse that rings true with you and memorize it.
*Write the verse down on a post-it note, chalk board, etc. to help you remember it.
*Put that verse in a place you will see it often (post it on bathroom mirror, chalkboard in kitchen, etc.) and as you memorize it, meditate on it and what it means to you.
*Share in the comments the verse you chose from the scripture for that week and what it means to you for this season.
*Invite a friend to join us!

I will post the first scripture this coming Sunday night – January 14th, 2018. I will run this for 6 weeks as a trial and see how it goes.

Hope to have you join us!!


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