Psalm 32

cbc58eeb-4c35-44c8-aac4-ee13e73f41bcI’m hosting an online bible study for 6 weeks on “Ellie May’s Garden of Grace” Facebook Page.  The assignment for week 1 (Jan 14 – 20) was to read: Psalm 32.  (The Lord has laid it on my heart to share on here every Monday as well for the 6 weeks.  Someone out there needs to hear what He’s trying to say through this 6 week study.)

As promised, I did my part and prayed about what scripture God would have me to use for week 1.   After praying,  I was preparing to pour myself a cup of coffee before I started reading and searching for just the right scripture.  As I was looking in the cabinet for a coffee cup, I saw one that said “Journey”.  The inside of the cup reads “He will prepare the best pathway for you life.”  I felt that may be it… so I went to read the entire chapter.  Sure enough!  As I read the worlds aloud, I knew it was the one to start with.  It is only 11 verses long.  But it is a powerful 11 verses.  It sums up confession, repentance and FORGIVENESS.

I asked my readers to set aside 15 – 20 minutes quiet time this week and Read Psalm 32 (for those who do not have a bible, you can Google it or download the free bible app). Ask God to speak to your heart as you read.   I encourage you to share you comments, favorite verse,  why it speaks to you.  I also encourage you to write that verse down and memorize it this week.  Hiding the word in your heart gives you a well to draw from on those tough days.

Why it spoke to me? When I sin and fall short? I realize that now that I know the truth, now that I’m walking in the light, now that I know right from wrong – if I choose to do wrong? I’m being rebellious. Willfully disobeying.

Verse 8-10 state: “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise and watch over you. Do not be like a senseless horse or mule that needs a bit and bridle to keep it under control. Many sorrows come to the wicked, but unfailing love surrounds those who trust the Lord.”

I always recall a parenting series I watched when my boys were little by Dr. James Dobson who explained this about “Willful Disobedience” and when to reprimand your child.  If your child is outside and picks flowers for you and runs in to give them to you (and you had just mopped the floor) if you take those flowers and hug and love your child and say “Thank You”? That child will understand God’s love. If you yell at your child and say “I just mopped this floor! Look what you did!!” You will break your child’s little spirit.  Now, on the contrary, if you see your child coming and meet them at the door and say “Thank you for picking me those! But take your shoes off before you come in, mommy just mopped.” And your child gives you one of those looks and walks in, mud and all anyway? That’s when you snatch them up and give them a little reprimand. That’s willful disobedience. In that instance, they knew better and chose to do it anyway.

I am choosing verse 8, 9 & 10 to be my memory verse out of Psalms 32. To help remind me that I need to follow the Lord and keep my flesh and self out of the way.  Anytime I’ve felt sorrow or pain? Is when I took my eyes of His desire for my life and started entertaining my own. But the good news as described here in this Psalm?!? When we confess our sins and repent, he is able and just to forgive us!

Someone out there is thinking they have sinned too much for God to forgive you. That is a lie from the enemy.  He says His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. It declares here that if we confess and repent, even if we knew better, He will forgive us and re-establish fellowship. (Other Psalms that emphasize this theme are 6, 14, 31, 32, 38, 41, 51, 102, 103 and 143)

I tossed and turned with the idea of starting this online bible study.  Was it really needed?  But I knew God had laid it on my heart to do so.  Confirmation soon came with off line messages of “How did you know?!?  You always seem to know what I need just when I need it.”  As I told them?  I didn’t know.  But God does.  He sees us.  He knows our hearts and what we need.  And when we give him our little (like starting this online bible study) he will do the multiplication and use it to reach those who need to hear hope and comfort in what His word says.

Love you all! Be blessed this week!!

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