Becoming a Game Changer

TextSwag-1518008943399I’ve been asked to speak in a couple of weeks and I always want it to be God’s words that proceed from my lips so someone gets exactly what they need. I’ve heard loud and clear a couple of times while driving and pondering ..”Seek Him” … and then I had a friend share this with me this week and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s simplistic yet so true..

“We’ve become students of students”... Another friend told me one of her favorites along that line is something Todd White always says “Be a voice not an echo”.

I love a good sermon. Sometimes I gain encouragement, wisdom or both. I’m very blessed to sit under very wise and anointed Pastors. We need good bible based messages to teach, guide and inspire us. But you also hear my pastors say often, “Seek Him first” – “Seek Him for yourself”.

When you seek the Lord with all your heart, for yourself? The walls of religion fall down. It becomes an intimate one-on-one relationship with the Lord where he speaks to your heart as you read and pray. You learn His voice and he nudges you “Reach out to this person” – “Smile at that person and remind them there’s hope” – “Start this ministry” – “Do that random act of kindness”.

I’m going to relate it to basketball.  If you only go to practice when the coach calls them, you will learn the fundamentals. You may even get some playing time. And you’ll likely enjoy the game. But if you practice in the off-season, if you come home and clear the snow off the drive and shoot foul shots until you make 50 in a row? You start investing yourself. You start discovering different ways to dribble and control the ball. Your shot becomes unique and unstoppable at the 3 point line. It makes you a better player on the court, and a better team-mate. Think about Michael Jordan – he changed the game. I promise he didn’t just go to practice and go home. He carried the love for the game with him and became a leader, a game changer. The same is true with our walk with the Lord. If you just go to church on Sunday mornings get a word and go home. You’ll understand the basics of faith. You may even say a prayer or two. But If you want to be a game changer? You have to invest yourself. You have to seek Him for yourself. In the off season. (Monday – Saturday).

Where are my game changers?!? Rise up! Be bold! Show the world the Love of Christ in your own special and unique way.

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