Stay Focused on the Road That Matters..

double-yellow-line-road-1680x1050-desktopia-net[1]True story … back in Hillsboro years ago there was an ole boy who started driving through the freshly painted yellow lines. He was swerving in and out until a cop started chasing him. He didn’t stop .. he kept swerving, driving recklessly, ducking down side streets and alleys until he had the entire police force chasing him … they chased him clear out of town trying to apprehend what they thought was the biggest threat they had that day. In reality? He was a distraction … while the police were all chasing him? Someone else was in town robbing the pharmacy.

Friends, as kids go back to school and to-do lists are a mile long? Be careful! If the devil can’t defeat us? He’ll distract us. We will be so busy with distractions – chasing things that 5 years from now won’t matter – and while we do that? The devil will slip in and rob us of what does matter. Our intimate time with the Lord, our joy and our peace. He’ll drive a wedge between our children and marriages. Guard your hearts – and guard your family – don’t let the devil steal what matters while you’re chasing the distractions.

The definition of busy… (B) being – (U)under-(S) satan’s – (Y)yoke

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