Watch Out For the Sucker Punches…..

provonikov-overhand-bradley[1]I’m going to keep it real over your morning cup of coffee today… Yesterday? I was in the ring with the devil, and? I let him get a few good sucker punches in! I woke up and the warfare was on! And it continued all throughout the day. If I’m being totally honest? I likely wasn’t letting my light shine much yesterday as I’d get a good right hook and start stumbling backwards. But the good thing was? I had an amazing corner man! All day long, as I’d get hit, hard, and go back to my corner, ready to surrender in defeat? Jesus was there whispering in my ear … “Get back up! You got this! Remember who your real enemy is, see what the real battle is… your enemy isn’t the to-do list that’s a mile long and as you slowly mark one thing off, 4 more appear. It isn’t the things that you allowed to frustrate you, or the offense you felt.. no Kris… remember who your enemy is! It’s the devil. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. Girrrrrlll! You’re in the ring with the devil! You know what that means?!?! He’s worried about all those plans you’re making. He’s worried about the vision you and Tom have for the lost, and more specifically, for that little church in Marshall. Keep fighting Kris, remember what you know… walk in love. Always walk in love. Don’t look inward or you’ll not just get knocked down – you’ll get knocked out. Look outward – it’s not about you – it’s about you going after the one.”

I was trying, I was fighting, but the battle was real. And then? Jesus hands it over to Tom – another support in my corner. He said “Sit down and let’s talk about all these decisions weighing you down. And he started preaching my words back to me (Snap! Ouch!) You know the ones I preach to you guys…. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you..” As he got my focus back on the Lord? The decision I had been struggling with all day? Became crystal clear. And then? He pulled out the bible… and he shared a sermon with me that he preached back in the late 70’s and reminded me of who I am and why we’re here, in this moment, for such a time as this.

As I woke up this morning I had to repent once again for wasting the day in battle yesterday – and just thanking God that his mercy is new every single morning. That I don’t have to be perfect every day – there are days I’ll struggle – days I’ll fail – but what God’s looking for? Warriors who won’t stop fighting. My boots are laced, my sword is drawn. Today? I kick some devil butt. Today I’ll witness of the goodness of God and his healing power, grace and mercy. Today I’ll keep it real and write about my struggles in the hopes that if someone out there is struggling and reads this? They are reminded who their real enemy is. It’s not your kids who are screaming and kicking to not get ready for school, not your husband who forgot to take out the trash last night, not your co-workers who won’t do what you think they should… Oh no my friends – it’s the devil you’re fighting. He’s wanting you to look inward, to get easily frustrated, distracted and offended. He tries to get you to not walk in love and forgiveness because then? He’s got you. Keep fighting my friends! Stay in prayer. Stay in the word. Do something for someone else. Keep Jesus in your corner!

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