Ditch the “TO DO” list & Focus on the “TO BE” list..

“Don’t focus on your “To Do” list. Focus on your “To Be” list.”

Crying 1It had been an extremely long day at work. Money was tight at home. His wife gave him a list of items to stop and purchase on the way home so she could be prepared for their guests arriving later that night. Rush. Rush. Rush. It left him anxious and stressed. His last meeting of the day had ran over so he was already behind schedule as he pulled into the grocery parking lot. As he started to walk into the store he saw him standing there, tear-stained face crying and shaking. Surely someone would stop and help him, right? He went into the store and grabbed a cart and as he looked back, the boy was still standing there crying. That still small voice nudged him… he went back out and said “Son, what’s wrong? Are you OK?” … The little boy looked up at him and said “My daddy sent me here to buy the items on this list. He’s been drinking again and can’t drive and my momma is very sick. But now I can’t buy what we need…” The man noticed a crumpled up list in the little boys hand as he said “Why can’t you buy what you need?” The little boy replied.. “I lost my daddy’s money. I can’t go home right now. He’s going to be so mad at me.” The man took out his handkerchief, bent down and wiped away the little boys tears as he said “Follow me…” As the little boy read of the items the man followed him down the aisles with his cart ensuring they got everything on the list. (He also threw in some extra items for the little boy). When they had checked out and walked outside the little boy grabbed the man around the waist and hugged him tight. With big brown eyes he looked up at the man and asked “Are you Jesus?”….

I have heard my husband say from the pulpit many times in the past few weeks – “The church does not become the church until it’s looking outward instead of inward”. Christ’s church is a body of believers who spend their time looking outward. Going after the one. Being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Do others see the Jesus in you?

“When you have done it to the least of these, you’ve done it to me…” – Jesus

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