Fearless… Taking My Little Before God (and expecting Him to Move)

Like that little boys lunch, I’m bringing my little and expecting God to turn the dream He’s placed in my heart into reality….

When I was a little girl my mother was on the board at church. I would occasionally overhear the phone calls she would receive when a member was upset or offended. I can remember thinking as a little girl, the same thing I think today, “Why do we make this so difficult?!?” As a once 12 year old, and now 52 year old, I have the same mentality… “Give your heart to Jesus, Pray, read the bible and do what it says. Isn’t it really that simple?” I think we get tripped up on reading the bible.. We need to read All of it and not take it out of context to suit our current agenda. Even the parts we don’t like so much like loving your neighbor as yourself. Like not being easily offended. Like the part about it’s better to give than receive and being called to share hope with those who are lost. That it takes Faith AND works. Not just faith. Not just works. Nowhere in the bible do I ever recall reading – Be jealous of those around you who appear to have been blessed more than you. I definitely didn’t read that we should form “cliques” and only accept those people who like the same songs, or wear the same type of clothes. I also haven’t read anywhere that one gift or talent is better than another or the woman with the biggest ministry or social media following wins. In fact? I read that God gave us all different talents to advance the church (His Church). I also read that He wants us to help the poor, the orphans and the widows. Oh yeah, and there’s this good nugget: We are Christ’s Church! (Ephesians 4:4 “ There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called”)

And this nugget that moves me every time I read it! “When MY people, who are called by MY name… (whose people? Christs! Called by what name? His! CHRISTians!) will humble themselves and pray I will hear from heaven and heal their land. (YES!! When we all join together, as Christians, and pray, we move the heart of God!)

So here I am.. and I have a dream. A dream I wake up to. One I think about all throughout the day, and one I pray about as I close my eyes. I see it vividly… There are women gathered together filling a room. They are smiling, hugging one another, crying and praying together. Women who don’t care about your past, what you wear, drive or where you live. They also don’t care what church you have been attending. Their eyes? Are fixed on Jesus! And what they do care about? Is becoming FEARLESS warriors. Women who will hold hands and join together to fight the enemy who comes to kill, steal and destroy. Women who have said “Enough! I’m tired of sitting back and watching the devil have his way with this generation.” Women who know that 5 can put 100 to flight and 100 can put 10,000 to flight when the Lord is fighting the battle. Women who were born for such a time as this!!

I am leading an 8-week session in Highland County, Ohio entitled “Fearless” with the specific purpose of uniting women to be challenged & equipped for spiritual growth and bringing this dream in my heart to reality.

On my WordPress App I can see the statistics of where my readers are located.  Many of you are too far away to attend this session of “Fearless”.  But here’s what you can do to support me:

  • Pray for me:  Specifically that God gives me the wisdom in which to lead those who attend.
  • Pray for the Women attending:  Specifically that God will move in their lives and they will acquire a Holy Boldness.
  • Pray for Highland County:  Our community is afflicted with drugs, depression, abuse and neglect.

God doesn’t normally speak His desire or vision to just one heart.  I know there are others out there with this same dream.  I encourage you – act on it!  Take your little and let God do the rest!!


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