Comparison is a Thief

When it was laid on my heart to lead women to a closer relationship with Jesus the excuses started as I compared what I had to offer with what I have seen offered at larger churches.  “We’re just a little country church out in the middle of nowhere.  We don’t have a fellowship hall yet.  Maybe I should wait?  We don’t have fancy screens and such, or a band.  Will women even want to attend?”  The Lord gave me a quick, spiritual spanking and attitude tune-up.  It went like this… “When I was opening blind eyes, causing the lame to walk, and the woman with the issue of blood? When she pushed through the crowd to touch the hem of my garment? It was MY PRESENCE that healed them all!  Get them in my presence Kris!  That’s where the healing is!  We don’t need more programs, we need the healing power found at the foot of a blood-stained cross.”  I trusted Him.  Like that little boys lunch that fed thousands, I took my little, and created an interactive bible study that guides women how to seek a closer walk with Jesus.  And then? I waited…  There were no fancy video invites.  No cool professional pictures.  Just me, my little, and His will.  He reminded me once again that my job is just to be obedient, it’s the Holy Spirit that draws all to Him.

43 women had confirmed on the FB invite on Monday evening. I was getting off-line messages from women I didn’t even know saying “I felt lead to attend”… or “Something’s stirring in me”…We opened the doors at 6:30 Tuesday evening and the cars started arriving.  And?  They didn’t stop until we had ran out of parking spaces and ladies were parking down the drive and in the yard. I ran out of folders with the assignments. I went into my husbands office at the church, humbled, and bowed my head and we prayed as my mind went blank.  “Lord Please use me to be your voice.” (I had practiced my message all week and my mind was going blank. Isn’t that just like God? I was totally His vessel because there was none of me left.) I had to listen to the video when I got home to see what I even said.  End result? 100 women gathered together from all over the community, different churches, gathered in one mind and in one accord seeking the same Jesus. Just the way I believe God likes it!!

I almost let comparison rob me of God’s will. The devil will try the same tactic with you. God just wants your simple obedience. He sees you as a mighty man or woman of God and fully equipped to do every thing He asks of you. Trust Him. Be “Fearless”

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