To the Woman Who Had an Abortion…

Recorded this video 3 times, 3 different days, and deleted it 3 times. God put it on my heart again this morning as I was driving to work. If the devil is fighting me that hard to not post it, and God’s relentlessly nudging me to – someone out there who has had an abortion needs to hear this.

God so loved the world He gave his only begotten Son. Yep – the entire world! Not just those who seem to have it all together. Not just those who have never sinned. The bible says we’ve all sinned & fallen short of the glory of God. But thank God for mercy & grace that will reach down and break the chains of self hate, fear, depression and shine a light on the lie of the enemy that says you’ve done so much wrong you can never be forgiven. The gospel is for everyone. Hope & Love, it’s for everyone. Seek Him.

Know Jesus, Know Peace
No Jesus, No Peace

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