But Do You Know Him?…

When you stand before Jesus I don’t believe he will ask the following questions:

** How big was the church you attended?
** Did you sing from the red hymnals or did you sing modern worship songs?
**Was there a hypocrite in the church? Is that why you stopped going? Or was it because Tina had nicer clothes than you, or Sam got to be the church admin and you wanted to.

Nah…. I think what Jesus is going to ask is this…

**When you were at church (no matter how big or how small) did you seek ME with your whole heart?

**How is your heart? Did you worship me with ALL your heart in the songs you sang? (From the red hymnal or from the monitor hanging off the wall)

**Did you love others like I asked you to. Did you pray for your enemies and love those that persecute you? Did you keep my commandments and walk in Love? (Cause you know love wins every time.)

You see – It’s one thing to know about Jesus – many know about Him. Many even believe in Him. But heck, the devil believes in him. So what makes the difference?? Relationship. It’s an entirely different ballgame to KNOW Him. And to know Him we have to pray and we have to read the bible. And as we read and pray, we get to know Him. We get to understand what grieves him and what makes him happy. It guides us into all truth. It is a preacher, evangelist or teachers job to speak the truth. But your relationship with Jesus? That’s one you gotta own. The pursuit is yours.

“When you seek me with ALL your heart – then you’ll find me”

How’s your ❤️ today?

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