Calming the Chaos…

When the enemy came to arrest Jesus it was chaotic. Peter drew his sword and cut off the ear of Malchus. But Jesus, he calmed the chaos. He told Peter to put away his sword, and then, he picked up the ear, put it back on Malchus and healed him. Not only in the words he spoke in Matthew “Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you..” He did it in deed. In word and in deed he showed us how to take charge of our lives and remove the chaos. “Love your enemies”.

Now think about Malchus… what if Jesus hadn’t healed him? He would be out on the streets and inevitably someone would say “What happened to your ear?” He would reply… “A Christian cut it off.” To which they would have looked no different than the angry mob the king of darkness dispelled that night. But instead, every time Malchus looked in the mirror, he likely thought “Jesus gave me my ear back.”

Friends, our lives are often severed and full of chaos from the sin we’ve allowed to enter in. But Jesus, He’s there, waiting to remove the chaos and to heal your soul – like he healed the ear of Malchus. And then, like I do daily, you will look in the mirror and say “Jesus gave me my life back.”

I heard Darlene Bishop say something once that has rang so true.. something you will hear me repeat often… “The devil doesn’t understand love, so he can’t defeat it.” Every time friends. Every. Single. Time. that I have chosen to walk in love with those who aren’t so easy to love? Well, love wins. Love wins every time. Chaos is gone. Peace ensues.

If you are feeling a bit of chaos in your soul – find forgiveness. Love your enemies. See them as a lost soul who needs Jesus. Show them the love of Jesus. And then, when they look in the mirror, they will think about that act of kindness you bestowed when they were undeserving. They just may want that peace that you carry in your heart from a life that Jesus gave back. ❤️

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