My 2020 Challenge to You..

Been struggling with something. Prayer. You see, I know how powerful prayer is. I’ve seen prayers answered that could only be God moving because I asked Him to. If I were to start a list of answered prayers, you’d still be reading next Tuesday. I know the bible says “the effectual FERVENT prayer of a righteous man avails much.” I recall the parable of the woman who beat on the door of the judge until he opened. So how much is enough? I also believe that God hears us the first time we ask, and starts to move. Maybe not in our time frame, but in His.

Because I know how powerful prayer is, it has brought with it a heaviness. A burden that often can turn into guilt (which I know that guilt is NOT what God wants for me). Why? Well, honestly, if I prayed fervently for every prayer request I have been made known of – I would seriously never leave my prayer closet. Sooo many people need prayer. Illness, brokenness, anxiety, lost souls… And somehow, my personality makes me think it’s my responsibility to take on the weight of all those prayer requests. It can get overwhelming, like I’m fighting a forest fire with a squirt gun. (But I have a job, I have a ministry, I can’t be in my prayer closet 24/7 – so what’s the answer??) I found myself asking that very question this week.

Tom and I pray for our children and grandchildren every single day. Often more than once. We plead the blood over each of their lives as we ask God for a hedge of protection around them. They are ours. I’ve seen the effect of others who had a praying Momma or grandmother. My family will have thousands of prayers following them.

I have a few good friends and we have agreed to lift one another’s burdens up in prayer until God moves.

But then… there are soooo many hurting. So many I see on FB daily. God quickened my spirit a couple of years ago – “If you say “Praying” under a post. You better pray!” Too many people are taking the power of prayer way too lightly and using it almost as a greeting like “thinking of you” of “Sending good vibes” to which there is no power. So if I tell you that I’m going to pray – I stop right then and say a prayer.

I finally decided to do what I should’ve done all along – ask God! And just like He does… He gives us our answers. I immediately started to recall scripture readily in regard to prayer. And then, out of the blue, a sweet lady I am an acquaintance with, but have only spoken to a couple of times – sends me the below in a message… no doubt, because she is such a sweet woman who lives in prayer – she did that at God’s nudging to encourage me!! (He uses us to lift one another up!) And then… God spoke this to my heart – “use your voice to get more to pray.” The same message I’ve been asking you to share the last 3 years Kris…It hasn’t changed… LOVE – UNITY – PRAYER. What if every mother and father prayed for their family and loved ones the way you do? Think about it Kris – I’ve told you… “When my people, who are called by my name (Christians) will turn from their wicked ways, and pray – I WILL HEAR and I WILL HEAL their land.”

So if you’ve read to the end of this – I challenge you – Turn from your wicked ways, give your heart to God and PRAY!! Start a prayer journal and commit to praying for your family, friends and this country in 2020!!

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