The Plot Twist…

Can you feel it? It’s as if I could tear back the curtain I’d see the battle in the sky. Good vs. Evil. Angels fighting to defend us. Demons fighting to destroy..

I remember being a young girl and listening to this story in the bible and being blown away by the plot twist.. how could that happen?!? … Pilate brought before the crowd Barabbas, a murder and thief – and Jesus. Sweet Jesus who knew no sin. Sweet Jesus who went around healing blind eyes, making the lame to walk, and tearing down the walls of religion and sharing the love of God. Surely the crowd would say “Set Jesus Free!” But the devil was whispering in the ears of the crowd… and they listened… and they said “Jesus! Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” And in a plot twist you wouldn’t have saw coming – they choose to let a MURDERER go free – and instead, ask for the life of Jesus!!

I can almost see the devil laughing along with all of his demons.. thinking he had won. But God had a plan all along. This wasn’t a plot twist to Him. It was part of the plan. He knew when he sent Jesus to this earth, He would die. No longer would God’s people have to offer lambs and bulls as a blood offering for their sins, Jesus was shedding His blood to cover the sins of man throughout the ages, until He once again returns. When Jesus died, I can only imagine the heaviness, the darkness that covered the earth. And during that time a battle was going on as Jesus went down and conquered death, hell and the grave. And then, He rose to life on the third day! Can you imagine that day?!? The sun shining, hope in the hearts of those hearing the news! He Lives! He Lives! There’s POWER In the blood!!

Do you see it… the foreshadow of a time to come? I picture the devil.. he’s in the crowd once again whispering in the ears of those who will hear him. And just like the bible predicts, in the last days they will call good evil, and evil good! Never in my life did I think I would see people crying and outraged at the death of a terrorist and disgracing our military. The very ones who are willing to shed their blood for our continued freedom. I picture the devil this past couple of weeks.. sitting back on his haunches with the demons laughing… thinking he’s winning… but I also see something else… and if you have your eyes open, you’ll see it too! Revival… a great spiritual awakening… people are looking inward and contemplating their relationship with God. Contemplating if we just may be in the last days they have always heard so much about. I’ve read the end of the book friends – spoiler alert! Plot Twist! All this darkness will make the lights of those who love Jesus shine even brighter. And not only will we win – but we will take our family and friends with us as we march into VICTORY!

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