Wisdom Has No Expiration Date..

Today’s thoughts… An old book and some challenging questions from God.

We often turn our noses up to old books in favor of “new” books. They are packaged prettier and have more of an “edgy” feel. Wisdom has no expiration date. Wise words 2,000 years ago are still wise words today. God is unchanging. He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

God has placed such a burden on my heart for the past few years about “Prayer”. Or should I say, the lack of it.
Out of the blue, my husband handed me this book Saturday as he was digging through his collection. Wouldn’t you know, it’s speaking to my heart as if God himself was sitting across from me sharing a cup of coffee asking me these thought-provoking questions.

1. How many hours do people spend worrying about their children or grandchildren vs. time spent covering them in prayer and pleading the blood over them?

2. How much time is spent in frustration over a situation at work vs. in prayer asking God to give wisdom and discernment in reaching a resolve?

3. How much time are Americans spending worrying, lobbying, posting and discussing the current state of the US vs. on their knees in prayer asking God to send angles to fight the battles we can’t see. Asking God to restore the US and to be with the leaders of this country giving them wisdom and understanding. (I guarantee if the time spent on each social media post and watercooler discussion was spent in prayer, we’d already be seeing change!)

The bible is replete with verse after verse about the power of prayer and how to move the heart of God.

And then, a more personal question just for me … “Look at your To-Do list for the “Unity” women’s event Kris. There is advertisement, the message, volunteers, media… but where’s prayer on the list? (Ouch). How many minutes/hours are you going to spend in prayer a day vs. how many minutes/hours you are going to be in preparation ordering flyers, sending messages, updating your list? PRAYER IS preparation!! Ask me to move on this event. Ask me to draw women together. Ask me to bless the work of your hands. Sit at my feet every day and share you heart, and watch me move!

What about you? What do you need to be praying about and giving to God instead of trying to carry on your own?

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