Is Your Door Locked?

How many of you have ever watched a vampire movie? The vampire comes to the house and stands outside the door and says “Invite me in”. He can’t cross the door and get the damsel in distress, unless she invites him in. A vampire cannot cross a threshold of a home because it is a sacred boundary. It is made that way by living there and holding it dear, as in sanctified. Oh most of you have already seen where I’m going with this analogy!

The devil can’t cross the bloodline of Jesus Christ unless we invite him in. Once we are born again in Christ – we are a new creature and we are covered in his blood. We are protected as a daughter or son of God. Our sins are forgiven and the devil has no hold on us.

But he likes to knock… at first it’s a quiet “tap, tap, tap”… Thoughts that you shouldn’t have, but continue to entertain instead of immediately casting down. And then the tapping gets a bit louder… so you go to the door and open it, just a crack, you’re just going to see who’s there… it’s the text from the opposite sex, seemingly innocent, but you don’t share with your spouse. It’s just a quick glimpse at pornography because you heard someone talk about it and you were curious to see. But you won’t dare make it a habit. It’s the one social drink. You’ve been clean for years, one drink won’t hurt… It’s just a little white lie, no one will ever find out… It’s answering the text from the person who used you that you swore off, but you are lonely…just one text won’t hurt… and that’s all he needs to stick his gnarly fingers in the door and before you know it, BAM! He throws the door open wide and you willingly let him in. And without even understanding how you got there, you are broken… hurting…and lost as you have the life blood slowly sucked out of you.

Guard your salvation with everything you have and keep the door shut!

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