Easter Sunrise Worship

One of my favorite childhood memories of Easter was the sunrise services. One year my father built a cross in our back yard. We lived out in the country and the sun rose behind the cross. Our little country church gathered at our house and we watched the sun rise behind the cross as we praised God that morning. That memory wasn’t in a church building – it was in my backyard. Oh how I would love to be in our church building next Sunday with our precious church family. But that memory was a reminder… what if instead of being upset that we can’t buy a new dress and new suit and gather in a building we instead become “THE CHURCH” – Christ’s Church – in one mind, one body, and in one accord. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if every person stood outside their homes at sunrise on Easter Morning (April 12, 2020) and raised their hands in the air and thanked God for sending His Son. Thanked God for an empty tomb. Thanked God for His grace, mercy and unfailing love. What if as a nation we humbled ourselves, and prayed, and repented? In the bible it says He will heal our land. I believe we would move the heart of God! Who’s with me? Will you stand outside next Sunday morning at sunrise and praise Him? Share this – let’s do this – let’s pray for God to put an end to this virus in Jesus name.

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