The Church Has Left the Building…

The church has left the building…

That first Sunday morning we walked into the church to tape Tom’s message for online viewing was very emotional for me. I cried as I walked through the empty pews seeing in my minds eye the families that normally sit in those seats and calling out their names in prayer. Asking God to protect them and keep His loving arms around them. When Tom was done with this message and we had communion I asked him to read Psalm 91 to me. As he read, I started to feel some peace. And then he walked over and laid his hand on my head and started praying for me. For us. For our families, friends and church family. It was a very powerful prayer.

Peace came as God whispered to my heart… remember the story about the sheep and the goats? I’m starting to sort them out. It won’t be about who is or isn’t in the building – it’s going to be about who keeps their eyes on me. Who truly repents, humbles themselves and prays and seeks my face. With all the gadgets, gimmicks and gumdrops gone – who will still seek Me? With all the programs gone, and entertainment ceased, who will really worship me? Those will be my sheep.

A week later I had a dream… We were in this place full of people, like a fair or circus. There was a line of cars leaving. The first was a black truck and in the bed of the truck were people from one congregation.. and they were stopped because a news reporter was asking them questions. In the truck behind them, which was silver, was another truck bed full of church members from another congregation screaming at the truck in front of them to “Get out of the way!” “Keep moving! it’s time to go!!” I was standing in the crowd and there unbelievers around me. They started to watch, started to laugh and that’s when I yelled as loud as I could “Stop It! Stop It! How are we ever going to win this world to Jesus if we look no different than they do?!?” As I was frustrated and walking away I walked past this huge room that was in the center of the chaos that ensued. It was a circle shaped room with glass windows all the way around. In that room there were Christians. Many Christians. Some had their heads bowed on their knees, praying. Others had their hands raised in the air in worship. Some were dancing, waving flags. Others were playing music on guitars and the piano. They were right in the middle of the chaos and had no idea it was even going on…they were all just worshiping God… As I woke up from the dream I felt as if God whispered to my heart “Keep your eyes on me Kris… Just keep your eyes on me not on the chaos around you. When you speak, just speak of me.”

Here we are, quarantined to our homes, no fancy light shows, no monitors, nothing but you and the Lord. Where are your eyes? Are they so fixed on Jesus you don’t know what your neighbor is doing or are your eyes so fixed on your neighbor you don’t know what Jesus is doing. He’s moving. The waters are stirring. He’s giving us a space for repentance. What if he split the sky open right now – what would He find you doing? Would you be reading the Bible, singing songs to Him, doing good deeds, loving others in Jesus name, thanking Him for all your blessings… Or would your eyes be on social media, on the chaos, living in fear and judging your neighbor? Lord help me be who you called me to be at all times and until the church is once again, back in the building.

If the world is going to be WON, we have to be ONE.

One day, and soon, I’ll be standing by the church door with my husband hugging every member that leaves and never taking for granted the opportunity to do so. Until we all congregate again, stay safe my friends. God loves you and so do I!

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