Pray & Participate – Back to School

Many schools open this week amidst the uncertainty of a pandemic. Nothing will look like it did any year prior in history.

**Children required to wear masks – teachers required to enforce.

**Children required to “social distance” – teachers required to enforce.

**Is Johnny just sneezing and coughing like he has for the last 5 years because he has hay fever or is Johnny getting sick with COVID? – Teachers have to address

There are things already known and being prepared for, and things no one thought of that will require action upon discovery.

As a parent of a school aged child please keep this in mind:

**If you are anxious about your child going back to school – your child will be anxious about going back to school. (Children are sponges and act out what they see and hear at home.)

**If you make disrespectful statements about how the school is handling this uncharted territory – your child will be disrespectful to their teacher. (Children are sponges and act out what they see and hear at home.)

**If you are concerned over the way something is being handled, offer a suggested solution to the Administration instead of simply complaining about the problem. Do not take out your anger and frustration on a teacher who is following mandated protocol. They are worried, tired, and love your child just as much as you do or they likely wouldn’t be in this profession to begin with.

Remember to pray: Prayer is THE MOST POWERFUL thing we can do but often our last resort. (Why is that?!?) Set aside a time every morning and Pray for a hedge of protection around your school, your child, and their teacher. I can’t imagine how it would move the heart of God to hear all parents uniting in prayer every morning for their children.

Remember to Humble yourself and walk in love: Be a willing participant – offer to help where you can – put yourself in the teachers shoes – be an active listener – be patient, kind, long suffering, not boastful or proud. Walking in love is how problems get solved! And it teaches your child more than they will learn that day out of their text books. (Children are sponges and act out what they see and hear at home).

My prayers go out for this school year – standing and believing that COVID will not touch our children.

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