Help Someone You Love Become Fearless This Holiday Season…

A few years ago I read a quote by Matthew Arnold – “If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.”  This quote resonated so deeply in my soul as God had been speaking to my heart about the Women’s Ministry at Marshall.  The book “Living Fearless” goes into more detail about how it came to be – but it was a bi-product of an 8 week event entitled “Fearless”.   

On a cold, snowy Tuesday in January of 2019 over 100 women from various churches, and some with no church attendance, drove to Marshall for the kick-off of “Fearless”.   We met together the first week, the 4th week and for the finale.   I spoke to the women at that first live event about taking off our masks and quit hiding behind perfectly applied makeup and designer purses and instead, get real with each other. It was time to start sharing both our struggles as well as our victories.  I challenged them to fast something for the 8 weeks and to dig in.  The end results were baptisms and testimonies of growth and self- acceptance, and new found strength!  It looked like Revival… Revival I had been praying and hoping for.  

Each week the ladies had a devotion, memory verse, challenges to perform.  I had to run off copies of these weekly events for the ladies and this got expensive quick.  100 color copies – 2 pages each – for 100 women for 8 weeks put me over $500 in copies by the time I was done.  That prompted the book “Living Fearless”.  I wanted to take the “Fearless” program and make it into a published book to save the expense for others who may want to take this program to their Women’s ministry or small group.

This book is in print and can be found on Amazon by selecting the link below. It can be used by an individual, with a small group in your home, or for a large event like we held at Marshall.  

I recently had a woman reach out to me who had received a copy of this book and talk about how it stirred a fire in her once again as she read the commentary. She told me how she was praying and asking God to lead her to some women who could meet in her house each week as they used this 8-week devotion to grow together while navigating through a society that is currently letting fear control so many. What a great gift this would be during this holiday season! Pray and ask God to put someone on your heart who could benefit. Or order two or 3 copies and give to your closest friends along with a coffee cup and a journal and offer to host a weekly small group as you dive into the journey together. There really is no better gift than the gift of hope amidst all the fear – hope that comes from a closer walk with Jesus.

I am currently offering a promotional give-away on my FB Page entitled “Coffee with Kris” where I am giving away a gift basket as shown below. Feel free to find me on FB and comment under the post for your chance to win. Or select the link below for your opportunity to purchase a copy for those you love.

Sending much love and prayers to all who take the step to start this journey to “Living Fearless”!

Order your copy here:

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