Unstoppable in 2018

This blog was definitely worth re-reading as we head into 2021 and my motto for the year ahead is “Love Like Jesus”

Ellie May's Garden of Grace

A Symbolic ending of 2017 and start of an “UNSTOPPABLE” 2018! 20180101_113834 (1)

Some of you were watching my “FB Live” video last night of the amazing talent we have in our church during the singing and worship. And then? My battery started draining on my phone.  As Paul Harvey would say “Here’s the rest of the story…”

While waiting for the NYE service to start, I noticed a mother with her children. Her oldest, likely 10ish, was sitting there with arms folded and slid down in the seat. The other two younger ones were jumping, singing, having fun. I watched the mother start to take his picture and he slapped the phone away as he said “Don’t take my picture!!”  She leaned down to say something to him and he said “I told you I didn’t want to be here!!” My heart broke. Honestly?  First for the mother.  If I’m being…

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