Oh Be Careful Little Ears…

I was on a private jet once on a flight back from North Carolina. I was a white knuckled flyer at the time so when we hit a storm, I was more than a bit concerned. There were 6 or 7 of us on the plane and two were pilots. I kept my eyes on them – as long as they were chill, kicked back reading the paper, I found some comfort in that. If they had appeared worried – I would’ve been worried myself. (Honestly worried would’ve been an understatement) You see I knew they had the knowledge and experience to know if we were in danger… I was reminded of that out of the blue just now as I was in the kitchen preparing to clean up from dinner … about the same time I saw a child lying in bed crying in my minds eye as I was thinking of all I’ve witnessed today on social media and the news. I can’t explain it, but I felt lead to jump on here and encourage you to check on your children tonight. If you have a child in your home – I don’t care how small or how old – remember that they listen to you … they may be playing in the other corner of the room, but they have one ear open to what you are saying. They watch you to get their cues on how they should be feeling – just like I watched those pilots in that storm – and I just have to ask, “How you doin’ today?” If they have heard adult conversations about what’s going on in our country and they have been exposed to the news channel, they may be preparing to go to bed with fear and worry in their precious little hearts. I don’t care what your political affiliation is – we have to start coming together and finding common ground for reformation and restoration. But for now, go wrap your arms around your child. Hug them, play a game with them or color with them and reassure them they are safe and loved. And as you yourself slip into bed tonight, remind yourself that God is faithful and will see you through no matter what tomorrow holds. My hope is not in any man – it is in Jesus.

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