Love Like Jesus

Friday morning’s cup was to go as I rode the struggle bus to work. (anyone out there relating this morning?) 🙋‍♀️As I sipped on this delicious cup of mocha infused caffeine goodness, my thoughts, along with my heart and prayers, went here…

Losing life-long friends and family over a FB post will not change one thing. Those being bought and sold in Washington, are still going to be bought and sold in Washington. But you – you will have a void in your life of someone you once held dear.

Being so angry and so determined that someone has to see your side of a political debate that you lose sleep, and live in worry and fear – will not change one thing. Those bought and sold in Washington, are still going to be bought and sold in Washington. But you – you will have lost precious, valuable time that none of us get enough of and at the end of this journey wish we had more of!

Not putting the phone down and taking a walk instead of spewing hate will make you someone that you may not like in a few days when you look in the mirror. Yet those in Washington who are bought and sold, will still be bought and sold.

For REFORMATION and RESTORATION to occur, we MUST STAND UNITED! United we stand, divided we fall. And friends, we are falling at a rapid rate of speed but we can join forces to stop this! The bible calls us to walk in love. Walking in love doesn’t mean you have to be whimpy as so many equate that to. I’m not rolling over and lying down. If someone tells me I can’t read my bible, I will humbly pick up my bible. If someone tells me I can’t pray, I will still pray. If someone tells me to denounce my God, I will not. And if that lands me in jail like Paul, Silas and Daniel, so be it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love the rest of you while I’m on that journey.

God is in control friends. Always has been, always will be. Have you read the bible? Have you read how in history over and over again that sin separates us from God and sin brings about death? So many people placed their hope in a man. On both sides. Some placed their hope in that man that’s on his way out and some on the man who’s on his way in. I got news for you – our hope isn’t in a man – it’s in God! Until this nation gets on our knees and repents and prays – God’s not going to hear. It spells that out plainly… “When my people who are called by name will humble themselves, and pray, and turn from their wicked ways THEN will I hear from heaven and heal their land.”

If we want our land healed? we need to be a light in this darkness. We need to Love Like Jesus – walk like Jesus – Talk Like Jesus. If we could all lead people to Jesus – and let him lead our paths, the enemy would be defeated. The bible also clearly says “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and rulers of wickedness in high places.” You don’t defeat evil by acting like the devil – you defeat evil by walking in Love. Love wins friends! Every. Single. Time.

I’m determined to go into the enemies camp and take back what he’s trying to steal. I can see him sitting back on his nasty haunches and all the demons gathered around him laughing an evil laugh every time someone spews hate and anger and loses friends and family over it. How many of you will stand with me and say “Not today Satan!” When someone posts something you disagree with – SCROLL ON BY – or better yet – GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A BIT if it incites that much bitterness. Go spend quality time this weekend with those you love and PRAISE GOD for all the blessings you have in that moment. You have friends and family struggling with fear and worry – reach out and tell them you love them! Encourage them, compliment them, ask if there’s anything you can do for them. TAKE BACK what the devil is trying to steal – our bond as Americans who love God and love each other.

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